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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Antics of the Disney sweepstakes Queen

I'll start by saying that it's no secret to all that I love sweepstakes... better yet I love any sweepstakes involving Disney World. At the end of the day as I am huddled over my computer, feverishly entering one after the other I can hear my husband sighing behind me, and even without looking at him I know his eyes are a rolling. I have no excuses - my name is Karen and I am a Disney addict.
Upon searching for the newest sweeps to enter I happened to stumble upon this one on the visitorlando site.


It's fantastic for many reasons but the main one being you can donate to the smile train directly on it. Being an educator I have seen several children throughout my years suffering with cleft and lip pallete. They however were lucky enough to have the resources to get them surgically repaired. So many others are not. Check the site out and while your there make a donation. It's a very worthy cause and you'll be helping out some children who want nothing more than to grin from ear to ear. Enter the contest while your there too but if you win the trip to Orlando you just have to take me.



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