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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Disney Half Marathon Here We Come....Lord Help Us

You know you must love Disney World if you sign up to run 13.1 miles just so you can get a trip there out of it. Yes, that's right, Davina and I both signed up to run the WDW half marathon in January and let me say that we are not runners. At least we weren't runners until now.

Every January our twitter feed blows up with runners sharing their experiences and pictures of all the activities that take place with marathon weekend. We get jealous and proclaim " next year we ARE running". Then we forget , eat some pie and complain more the following January. Well this past year we decided it was really time and we did it for realz. We signed up the day it was announced, booked our hotel - The Contemporary for easy race access- booked airfare, and the hardest part...started running.

all we really want is the medal

I wish I could say we were just like Forrest and ran with ease yelling " I just felt like run-ning" but I'd be a big liar. It's hard, laborious, sweaty work and not something our 40 year old bodies are used too . But we still run on and come January will do the best that we can. It forced us to plan our next Disney girls weekend and also challenged us to do something that we never though we'd do. Disney has that way of motivating you in strange ways , but it worked and this January we hope you're looking for us in your twitter feed. We will most likely come in dead last and our fear of the sweepers will have us looking over our shoulder saying  " Damn girl pick it up", but we're finally doing it.

Disney magic!

Catch you at the finish line with one of these
~ Karen
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