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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One point tip of the week

Let me begin by saying I hate that I feel inclined to give out one "point" tips . Weight Watchers is my nemesis and we have a love/ hate relationship. I've been doing it for years off and on with success. Some years are better than others.

Love your body the way it is ladies, so take this tip to either help you lose weight or get healthy. I will say for only one point it is fabulous and delicious! Vitatops rock. They have a variety of flavors -chocolate being the only one I have tried so far- and are found in the freezer section. Chocolatey goodness can't go wrong.

~ Karen


The Inapropriate ABC's and 123's

My mother-in-law saves everything. She recently brought over all of my husband's old children's books for Grayson and Quentin to "enjoy". As I flipped through them, I realized that there was a reason some of these books were no longer in print.


The heartwarming story of Bill the chain smoking cabbie.
Reach for the stars kids.
Laurie, Rusty, Patches, and Teddy are waiting...
but where is the child's parent?
Inside smoking with the cabbie of course.

Because nothing says we respect our native culture
like an Indian eating an ice cream cone

The tall clown smoking a fatty? That's Tiny.
Let me know if you need his beeper number.

Monday, August 30, 2010

BF's Monday Mystery Photo- Don't be shy..take a guess where we are

You know you've seen these dresses before....where are we now?

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Circus is in Town! Oh no, wait - It's just the new JCrew catalog

Fashion Friday faux pas -

Remember when JCrew was cool? Apparently they have just gone and lost their minds.

Visual proof below....


"Hang on, let me just get my glitter sweat pants on." 

In the name of the father and the son...
and the skinny tie.

"Sorry I'm late. The lights in my house didn't work
and I just threw together an outfit in the dark.
Is the whistle on the purse too much?"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Disney Facebooking brides..read on

If you are currently on Facebook and “like” the Disney fairytale wedding site then here’s a new update for you. Naturally if your not getting married there any time soon then you can ignore me.

This past week they have added a new interactive feature for future brides that you can access by clicking on the "Create a Site" tab on the top of the page. When there you can customize your own page and allow all friends and family , Facebookers or not, to stay up to date on all your wedding details. Share photos and keep all guests up to date on any potential park or wedding changes. It also is a fun way to ask opinions on anything from the dress to the food.

Facebook is known for their fun questions and polls, so create your own for your wedding guests. You can even keep everyone up to date on who’s RSVP’d and after the wedding is over keep the fun going with honeymoon photos. Remember to use this you must first “like” the Disney page then you can create away.

My big question is where was this when I was workin my planning magic for Davina? I like a good poll or two. We could have polled each other on who drank the most wine at California Grill after her ceremony. It may have been a tie.
~ Karen

Hello? It's Your Email Calling

On Wednesday (8/25), Google introduced the ability to place phone calls to landlines and cellphones directly from Gmail. In order for the feature to work, users need to be signed into their Gmail account via a Web browser. It also requires that users download and install the voice and video browser plug-in. (This plug-in also lets users conduct video and voice chats from Gmail.) 

Can you hear me now?
How does it work?
The feature is somewhat buried in the Gmail chat client, which is to the left of most users' inboxes. There is a tiny little phone icon. Press it, and a dialer opens up in the Gmail window.

Calls connected quite quickly. The feature runs via Voice over Internet Protocol technology, and can be used to reach out to real-world phone numbers. Need to call the doctor, but your cell phone is charging across the room? No problem, do it from the comfort of your desk, right from your browser.
Calls work just fine with the computer's built-in microphone and speakers. Users can also choose to attach a headset to their machine to make calls more private-- no need for everyone to hear how those test results came back.

How much does it cost?

The best part is that it costs nothing to call the US and Canada for the remainder of the year. Seriously, save those cell phone minutes and start dialing.  The caller ID will confuse everyone at first (my husband was wondering when I had time to make it to Encino, CA yesterday) but if you know someone is screening you, this is a surefire way to keep them on their toes.

Next big thing?

Well no, it's skype but gmail's version. It's handy if you are just too lazy to find the phone. I am looking forward to the day when they integrate it with other apps such as googlemaps. Looking up a name of a restaurant and clicking the number in your webbrowser to call-- now that's something.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lost: The Epilogue - No Need to Buy the Box Set

Sawyer - on my nightstand
Yesterday the Lost: The Complete Collection box-set was released. With it was the much hyped 11 minute epilogue of Hurley and Ben running the island.

"New Man in Charge" was rumored to be a snapshot into life on the Island with Hurley at the helm. The end result does not seem to be as interesting as I had hoped.

In the interest of not wasting $194 for 11 minutes -- I think I will save my money for the Sawyer action figure pictured to the left-- I found the transcripts. You're welcome.


GLENN: How soon do you get those peas labeled?
HECTOR: I don't know. Couple hours.
GLENN: Hurry it up, man. I already got the rest of the palette loaded.
HECTOR: I don't know why you're always in such a hurry.
GLENN: That's why. We're gonna miss our launch window. I don't wanna be up half a night loading damn boxes.
BEN: Excuse me.
GLENN: Who the hell are you? How'd you get in here?
BEN: My name is Benjamin Linus. I'm from the Home Office.
HECTOR: Nobody from the Home Office has ever come out here.
BEN: There's a new man in charge, he sent me.
GLENN: Sent you to do what?
BEN: Tie up a few loose ends. Your services are no longer required, gentlemen. We're closing this place down. So, you're free to go.
HECTOR: But we've been loading the palettes under the drones for 20 years now.
GLENN: What are we supposed to do?
BEN: This is your severance pay. I'd say you can do pretty much anything you want.
GLENN: So, you work with the Dharma Initiative?
BEN: The Dharma Initiative hasn't existed in almost 20 years.
HECTOR: That's not true. We still get a teletype before every drop.
BEN: It's automated. Comes from the Lamppost station in LA. There hasn't been a person posted there since you two started. That's why the man in charge has me going around, closing up shop.
GLENN: Lamppost station?
BEN: I've already said more than I should've. Before you leave, please lock the doors, turn out the lights.
HECTOR: Wait. You can't just walk out of here. We deserve answers!
BEN: All right. Before I go, I'll let you each ask a question. But just one. So, make it count.
GLENN: Where have we been sending these palettes? Where are they dropped?
BEN: An island.
GLENN: How's that possible? The coordinates are different every time.
BEN: The island moves.
GLENN: How does the island...
BEN: Uh-uh! One question. Your turn.
HECTOR: We're on Guam. So this island is somewhere in the tropics, right? So explain this. Polar bear biscuits. How is there a polar bear on a tropical island?
BEN: Polar bears, actually. Plural. You guys have a DVD player?

BEN: So we watch it together and then we all leave. Is that a deal?
GLENN: Deal.
BEN: Sorry about the quality. It's a transfer from an old Betamax.
CHANG: Hello, I am Dr. Pierre Chang. This is the orientation video for station one of the Dharma Initiative, the Hydra. For purposes of security, please do not divulge my name to any outside parties. I wouldn't want to have to resort to using an alias in the future. The chief purpose of this station is to conduct biological and behavioral research on various animal, bird and marine subjects. Here are some of the duties you may be asked to perform. Genetic alteration. These fascinating hybrids, or "hy-birds" as we call them, will be released and monitored to see how they adapt to the unique properties of the island... successful advanced studies in larger mammals. Ursus maritimus, or polar bears, possess a keen sense of memory and adaptability. These traits make them ideal candidates for electromagnetic studies that will be conducted at a secondary site where their comfort in cold temp.. It's important when dealing with the bears that you do not show affection or become attached in any way. Also, do not underestimate their intelligence and cunning. These rules must always be followed. I repeat, the bears are not your friends. Rewarding the bear with a fish biscuit, once it has successfully performed a complex puzzle. After the training is completed, you will tranquilize the bear. Affix this tracking device around the subject's neck. At which point it will be transported to the Orchid station for the next phase of research. Remember, be sure to confirm that the female bears have not been impregnated before transport, as the electromagnetic levels at the Orchid have an extremely harmful effect on early term gestation. As you've already learned, we do animal research here at Hydra. Unfortunately, one must consider the most dangerous animal of all, humans. And so, there is another more secluded test site, where we are conducting significantly more sensitive work. The island's indigenous population, some of you may have heard them referred to as "Hostiles", are acquired on the main island, sedated and brought here, to Room 23. Because the subjects are unwilling participants, security personnel should always be present during these sessions. Under no circumstances are you to engage subjects in conversation. The purpose of these interrogations is to better understand the Hostiles' way of life, their origins, and particularly their worship of an island deity they refer to as "Jacob". After the research team has concluded their tests, inject this into the back of the subject's neck. Then place these goggles over his or her eyes. Hitting this switch will commence the visualization while the drugs take effect. The dream-like quality of the film combined with the cutting edge pharmaceuticals will create an amnesia of sorts Any memory of his or her interrogation will be effectively wiped clean. While these interrogative measures may seem extreme, rest assured, they are vital...our temporary truce with the Hostiles is not violated. This concludes your orientation of the Hydra station. Do not discuss the nature of these experiments with other members of the Initiative. Enjoy your time here on Hydra Island. Namaste and good l...
HECTOR: I think we're gonna need to see that again.
BEN: Sorry, we're out of time.
HECTOR: What did they do to those bears? And what the hell's a "Hostile"?
BEN: Goodbye, gentlemen. I have another call to make. Namaste.

BEN: Hello, I'm here to see Keith Johnson.
NURSE: Are you on his visitor's list?
BEN: No. But I'm sure if you give him this note, he'll want to see me.

BEN: Hello, Walt.
WALT: What are you doing here?
BEN: Like my note said, a friend of yours sent me.
WALT: I don't have any friends.
BEN: We all have friends. Even me.
WALT: You here to kidnap me again?
BEN: I'm genuinely sorry about that. But what's done is done. I can't change the past. I can only take responsibility for it. Walt, I understand what you've had to go through. I know the difficulties you've had pretending to be someone you're not. Walt, I'm here to help you.
WALT: Why?
BEN: Because you're special. And I bet nobody's told you that in a very long time.
WALT: What good does that do me?
BEN: We need you. You have work to do. Starting with helping your father.
WALT: My father's dead.
BEN: Doesn't mean you can't help him. Will you go with us, Walt?

BEN: Come on, it's OK. You ride shotgun.
WALT: Hurley.
HURLEY: It's great to see you, Walt.
WALT: I kept hoping one day somebody would come back for me. They said I was crazy.
HURLEY: You're not crazy, dude. Not even close. You just need to get back to the island, that's all. It's where you belong. It's where you've always belonged.
WALT: Why?
HURLEY: I wanna talk to you about a job. All right, Ben, let's get out of here. It's time for us all to go home.
(They keep pulling the full version from YouTube, but here's a sneak peek if you need a visual to go with the text)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I want surfer girl hair

I want to be a surfer girl.

I want to be tan, tone, carry a board and look hot doing it. Catch a huge wave, slap a fellow surfer high five, avoid a great white shark biting the end of my board, attend a pig roast, marry the big Kahuna.....well perhaps now I am getting carried away.

I can't even swim that well forget surf so the most I can hope to get is surfer girl hair. My hair is at it's best after a dip in the ocean and wind dried after sitting out in the sun. I do'nt brush it or fuss over it and yet it's always when I think it looks best , so I am on the hunt for some surf hair products and will try them all until I find "the " one.

Bumble and Bumble has a surf spray that retails for $22. It can be bought at their website or at CVS online, which of course is out of stock. It claims it is great for " Anyone; excellent for wavy types and surfers with winter blues; adds body to fine hair; a nice texture for silver hair. " Silver hair ? Ok then....not sure what that refers too but it must be a hit with the older silver fox ladies.

I will be trying it..order is on the way

KMS also has a sea salt spray that it describes as follows: " Recreate the look and feel you get from the beach; tousled, sexy, with fullness and a lite matte finish "

Sounds good to me so I will be on the hunt for this one as well. It is rumored to be available at Target but I didn't see it anywhere. Amazon has it for about $12- 15 depending on the vendor. This may be an ebay purchase for me.

I realize there are other assorted surf "pastes" and gels available- my husband uses the Garnier surf paste for his hair-but I want a spray. My hair is long and the paste just does'nt cut it for me.

Have a product you like and it's not here? Let us know. If you've used any of the products i've mentioned , comment below which and review them for us. My reviews will be up as soon as I get my surf goddess goods.

~ Karen

One Point Tip of the Week

I have lived my life on weight watchers since 2006. Aside of some massive weight gains when pregnant, I have done pretty well with the program.

Since I now consider myself a weight watchers pro - I thought I would share a tip each week for those also at the mercy of the slide rule points counter.

One point snack tip.

For you Dunkin' fans - did you know you could have a tasty treat every now and again? One munchkin-- yes one-- is 1 point. I know what you are thinking, "what am I going to do with one munchkin?". Trust me, if you have been sweet deprived one munchkin can hit the spot.

The challenge: you have to buy 6 at a time. Let me know how that goes.


Monday, August 23, 2010

BF'S Monday Mystery Photo- Where the heck are we?

If you guess this one I'll slap myself then slap Davina. It's a hard one y'all but a girls trip fave!

Hemingway and Talbots go to Paris.

News on the fashion front is that Talbots is running a contest for the less verbose. In 6 words (or less if you are so inclined) submit a story about your fav pair of jeans. If you win, you and three friends will head off to Paris with some Talbots outfits in your carry-on.

Hemingway inspired the clothing store's contest (which I am sure is what he meant to do when he wrote Old Man and the Sea). Apparently he felt that any story could be told in six words. Not sure if he thought denim would ever be the topic, but hey I am sure even Ernest could appreciate a good boot cut.

So put on your thinking caps and start composing. Just keep it simple and short and you'll be fine.

If you win, you must take me. (damn, that's 7 words)
Take me if you win sucker.  (much better)

Enter the contest here oui oui (I can't stop)


Epic Mickey - I Know What I Want for X-Mas

The end of Summer can only mean one thing... Christmas! Or at the very least planning for Christmas presents.

The must have game for Disney nerds (aka: me) is the new Epic Mickey game for Wii.

Here is what I understand the premise to be:
Mickey goes and gets himself in a whole lot of trouble by messing with a wizards paint brush. He unleashes a big ink stain who sucks him into a alternate world where all the reject Disney characters live. The game seems to take place in a bad ass version of Disney land. All the rides and buildings are there, just the evil version.

The game is described by the developer here...


Friday, August 20, 2010

Miami - A Mini City Review From a Conference Room Window

Recently I have been letting Karen do all the blog heavy lifting. Back from maternity leave and it's just been non-stop-- but nothing fun to blog about.

Until last week.

Last week I was in Miami for work. South Beach to be more accurate. Normally I show up at a fun location ready to check out all the spots, shops, and beaches. Sadly I was inside a conference room for the majority of the week in my business casual attire. The let us out at night-- but I truly just followed the herd and had no idea where I was at until after the fact.

Here is my review of Miami from a "I should have paid attention" perspective:


Loews South Beach

Who doesn't love a nice hotel? This was a good one-- nice pool (not that I went in it), nice rooms, gorgeous views of the ocean.

Two things I should have paid more attention to:

1. The presidential suite. My company always gets a kick-ass suite as a part of the conference package for staff to meet up and re-group. This years suite was beyond words. However, after my initial "wow" wore off I forgot about being impressed. I will probably never be in a room quite so nice ever again (*note* the dog in the photo was not a part of the suite but that is about where I sat on the couch each night).

2. Emeril's Miami Beach Restaurant. Located in the Loews lobby and extra yum! Or at least that's what I think I would say had I eaten there. Turns out, my expense report could have handled it. Because it's the "off season" for Miami, some restaurants are participating in a three course dinner tasting for $35 - (see Miami Spice info).

Note to self-- next time look for the bargains. Even Miami has them.


1. The Clevlander. I was told numerous times during the course of the week that the Kardashian sisters own a boutique (Dash) in Miami. There was a Kardashian spotting contest. Do I care really? No. But I was surprised to find that the store they own happens to be in the Clevlander-- the same place we were at Tuesday night. Instead of sucking down my 8th moito, I could have been shopping for jeggings and gladiator sandals. It's a shame I missed that.

2. Plunge. Plunge is a roof deck pool for the beautiful people in the Gansevoort Hotel.  If you want to feel bad about yourself, go here. If you want to see an amazing view of the ocean, go here. If you want to have some tasty drinks and listen to some DJ's, go here early. The velvet rope goes up early and the bouncers at the elevator make you feel you should not even try it-- but trust me, if you have the money in your pocket, they will let you in.

Fun Plunge fact: Kayne West had a private party here not so long ago and Samatha Ronson has been known to DJ here. Neither were in attendance the night I showed up.

3. STK. Also in the Gansevoort this Steak House is dark, dark, dark. They had to hold a flashlight for me to see the food (not kidding). Don't eat steak? Don't worry, they have plenty of other options. I loved the ahi tuna with watermelon and cucumber. The goat cheese salad was a hit. And my meat peeps raved about the kobe sliders. Expensive, but fun. They also have some pool tables upstairs if you are so inclined.


Remember when Versace was shot?

I had no clue how accessible his house was. Walk down South Beach a few blocks from the Loews and ta da... the infamous steps where he was gunned down. You can stand on them. Get your photo taken. It's creepy, but oddly interesting.


Most days are sunny and the beach beckons. Sadly, I did not get to go in. Had I the chance to lounge on the beach I would have done the following:
  • Rent a beach chair and umbrella. I think it's about $45 for the day-- but wait, they come and mist you from time to time. They also will bring you drinks (for a price) and towels and food (for a price).
  • Taken a long early morning walk on the boardwalk. They have a great walk that goes for what seems like miles between the hotels and the beach. Some creepy peeps lurk so keep an eye out-- but overall it seems pretty safe and the hotels are always on the look-out

Miami fashion is not Boston fashion. The theme seems to be "tighter and shorter are better".  Tight and short makes me shudder but there were a couple things I liked:

Fedora hats - co cute on men and women. Seems like every woman in the Miami airport had one on. I bought one and wore it home. I took it off immediately upon arrival in Boston since it seems to not translate in the northeast.

Gladiator Sandals: EVERYONE had these. Flip flop, who? I enjoyed them... on other people. I think I just need to find the right pair. Maybe next summer I will make this look work.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The eleven year blues

This coming up weekend is my eleven year wedding anniversary. Now now, I don't expect any congratulations or cards in the mail because quite honestly, the eleven year marker feels like a bit of a let down.

In previous years there was a marker for every year passed all leading up to the big 10 year extravaganza. Year one was a romantic getaway and leftover , frozen cake -not that yummy. Five was a fancy pants dinner that made my husband uncomfortable, with a diamond anniversary band . Last years 10 year blowout was a trip to the Bahamas, which I will never forget. No kids, just us and some great friends and copious amounts of rum and sun . What do I have coming up this year? Dinner on a Friday night because I could'nt get a babysitter for Saturday. What this translates too is a tired husband from working all day who is going to want to come home right after dinner and probably watch a DVR'd show.

No Bahamas, no diamonds, no rum drinks, no nuthin!

Yes I do realize that every succesful year of a marriage is reason to celebrate and I should just keep my mouth shut and be happy with what I've got. I am happy with what I've got , but I'm a celebrater and a party gal by nature and above all else I LOVE to plan things. I guess at this point I'll suck it up, eat my Friday dinner with a few cocktails and immedietly afterwards start planning my 20 year anniversary celebration.

I see Hawaii in my future...9 years away future.

~ Karen


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Twilight Convention 2010 AKA Brokedown Convention for fatties and their moms.

I'll be the first person to say that I had majorly high expectations from the Twilight Convention. I am not a Trek loving loser so have never been to any "official" type of convention or gathering for people obsessed with something like I am. Having said that I have seen pictures of these events where people are overcome with joy being near props from the movie, posing with items or touching a celebritys hand. So naturally I imagined myself in that same scenario...holding Kellan Lutz's hand while we whispered sexual innuendos to each other, gazing longingly at Edwards pea coat, daring to touch Jacobs motorcycle while imagining sitting on it with him.

None of that shit happened.

I'll start with the hotel which was hot, crowded and had an entirely wrong layout for a convention that did have loads of people at it. Upon arrival I looked around trying to figure out where the main gathering area was not knowing I was already in it. Just a few sad signs were proof that I was in the right place. Not even neon you cheap losers

So Bootsie and I got our ghetto wristbands and figured we'd walk around to check things out. Of course every dirty vendor known to man was there selling anything you could want vampire related. Included in the pile of trash available to buy were contact lenses that could make your eyes like a hungry Cullen, well fed Cullen, creepy Italian Volturi or a variety of other disgusting things. Many were being worn and I had to stop and ask myself if that was ok to do. Girls are just popping contacts into their eyes that they bought from a vendor named Creepy Contacts where someone eating a sandwich is willing to help put them in. I'll pass. My eyesight is bad enough thank you.

Every cardboard Edward and Jacob was there and I have to say I did have several intimate moments with them. It may have possibly been the highlight of my day besides the line of dirty girls behind me trying to creep their way in wearing their "Team Boo Boo" t's and sporting Burger King Eclipse crowns on their heads. That's no lie...legit Burger King Crowns . I went out and bought myself some new threads girls and tried to look as fine as possible so some BK was not in my wardrobe . A tender moment between me and my E. Don't be jealous of my wristband.

After perusing the sea of junk Bootsie and I decided to go into the ballroom where the Q& A session between the D list members of the wolf pack was going on, but stopped before entering to look at some of the movies "props" . This is what we got

That's right lovelies, your eyes are not deceiving you..it's a sheet with a picture of Bellas truck on it. That is some high tech shit for sure! Alice's yellow porsche was also hung up in sheet form but I was just too beside myself at tht point to even bother. Instead we went into the Q & A session which lasted way too long with 3 people I could care less about. No Rob = me no care. The gaggle of teen and tweens girls surrounding me , the majority of which were in outfits that were just soooo wrong, were enough to push me right over the edge. At this point I needed a drink and since there is light at the end of the tunnel when I get my picture taken with Kellan we go on a liquor hunt.
More to come girls....it does get worse
~ Karen

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer you are a fat, gin loving girl

Well I have just returned home from a week at the beach. My hair is a bit lighter, my skin a bit frecklier and my shorts a bit tighter. Does everyone gain 5 pounds over the course of a week? If your diet consists of ice cream, chips and gin and tonics then I can answer for you and say yes. What is it about a week with no commitments besides putting your feet in the sand and a drink in your hand that turns a semi healthy gal into an alcoholic slob ?

At least when I go places like Disney World I can justify a Mickey ice cream bar by saying that all the walking I'm doing will help. I can't afford to drink like a fish at Disney so therefore, liquor consumption does'nt really count. At the beach it flows in and out like the tides and when you run out, there's always a chore boy to send out to the liquor store. This is my downfall...well this plus almond joy ice cream.

So this morning I am back to reality doing laundry, eating egg whites and looking hesitantly at my gym clothes. I'm sure the second I walk in to Planet Fatass..I mean Fitness, they will all notice the extra around the middle that I have accumulated and be sure to whisper how I was only gone a week. To this I say a week at the beach with my family is like a month to the average person. I have the liquor store receipts to prove it.

~ Karen

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Price of Beauty - Or at Least Straight Hair

When it comes to hair, the grass is always greener. If you are curly you want straight. If you are brown you want blonde. If you are a red head with enormous amounts of hair (e.g. me) you want a weed wacker.

For the second time in a row my hair salon has suggestion a keratin hair treatment. This is where they sit you in a chair for hours and lather your hair with chemicals to make it relax. A reverse perm if you will. At first I thought it sounded interesting. If someone could help me combat humidity hair, I am all for it. In my head I thought a $300 price point sounded reasonable. Nope... more like $700. And it lasts for 4 months.

I don't always have the best relationship with my hair, but even I know $700 for a 4 month process that may not have much impact on my time with the blowdryer is absurd.

And after doing a bit of google research and finding the infomercial that explains the process, I think I am all set.

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