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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Part 1: You've Been Invited.... MYMagic+

Well it happened. Yesterday my nerd dreams came true and we were invited to test MyMagic+ during our December mini-trip to Walt Disney World. We will only be there one day before we head out on the cruise so it's not much of a test. But it doesn't matter, because see below and how could we say no?

So, set up. I know more about database management than I care to and my husband is a web usability guru. Between the two of us, we were bound to have loads of opinions. While the cool part are the bands you wear during the trip, the meat of this program is what we in the biz call "Identity Management". Basically, how does Disney identity check you and make sure you are who you say you are without sacrificing ease of use.

Quick answer, they can't. Well, not easily. There is a reason they are beta testing this with a smaller population to start and I began my experience with a 45 minute phone call with a VERY apologetic internet rep from Disney.

I have no clue how their data is organized. But I would venture a guess, there are loads of systems (DVC, Annual Passholders, Regular Disney, Cruise Line, etc) and they don't always play nice with each other. In my MyMagic+ profile, my son Grayson was shown twice. The version going on this trip was not the version with the park ticket associated. Left this way, fake Grayson would have received the band leaving real Grayson behind. Fake Grayson would not be able to make any FastPass+ reservations and would likely have been the only one using real Grayson's hard ticket. In other words, blech.

But the interweb folks at Disney were lovely and figured out a bandaid. But not without leaving fake Grayson as a semi-permanent part of the family....

NOTGraysonNOT is NOT my son

I now have two Grayson's because I assume Disney makes it very difficult to delete any records. They like their data and are known for their data but sometimes it's bad data. Hence NOTGraysonNOT was born.

Bugs like this are not unusual for a project of this size and scope. It's a personalized experience that is bound to be bumpy. But can I see your average web user navigating these potential complications? Depends on how cool the perks are, and that remains to be seen.

Next time -- Part 2: Signing Up for FastPass+


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Disney Half Marathon Here We Come....Lord Help Us

You know you must love Disney World if you sign up to run 13.1 miles just so you can get a trip there out of it. Yes, that's right, Davina and I both signed up to run the WDW half marathon in January and let me say that we are not runners. At least we weren't runners until now.

Every January our twitter feed blows up with runners sharing their experiences and pictures of all the activities that take place with marathon weekend. We get jealous and proclaim " next year we ARE running". Then we forget , eat some pie and complain more the following January. Well this past year we decided it was really time and we did it for realz. We signed up the day it was announced, booked our hotel - The Contemporary for easy race access- booked airfare, and the hardest part...started running.

all we really want is the medal

I wish I could say we were just like Forrest and ran with ease yelling " I just felt like run-ning" but I'd be a big liar. It's hard, laborious, sweaty work and not something our 40 year old bodies are used too . But we still run on and come January will do the best that we can. It forced us to plan our next Disney girls weekend and also challenged us to do something that we never though we'd do. Disney has that way of motivating you in strange ways , but it worked and this January we hope you're looking for us in your twitter feed. We will most likely come in dead last and our fear of the sweepers will have us looking over our shoulder saying  " Damn girl pick it up", but we're finally doing it.

Disney magic!

Catch you at the finish line with one of these
~ Karen

Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Best Friends Book Club Pick - Thirty Days in the Kingdom

It's been a few years now that Karen and I have been a part of this most amazing Disney fan community. A fan base both online and off, its hard to explain to non-Disney folks what its all about and why we care so much about the Disney brand. Which is why I love the new book (and our latest give-away), Thirty Days in the Kingdom. 
It's not in Oprah's book club... yet
Thirty Days in the Kingdom is author Matt Ferrell's attempt at capturing what that Disney Magic is all about-- in, you guessed it, 30 days. For the entire month of September in 2008, Matt visited Disneyland every day and became a part of the throngs of people trying to define and capture pixie dust.

Some days his quest went well; like the time the author was asked to join the Disneyland band as the "Leading Lady" (spoiler: he is not a lady, but still killed it). And some days not so much; we have all had a crap, surly Jungle Cruise guide (where is a young John Lasseter when you need him?).

Want more of this great read? Jump on the Rafflecopter below and enter for a chance to get your very own signed copy of Thirty Days in the Kingdom. Or, if its months until your next Disney trip and you need a Disney fix on your Kindle NOW, you can always buy on Amazon (Kindle, $6.15). You'll be happy you did.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Monsters University - WHAT IS THAT SONG????

So we just got back from seeing Monsters University today and I could not get that song out of my head.

No, not the Randy Newman one. I mean no disrespect, but good old Randy could not have composed something this catchy, complicated, and hip. Jazz meets good old fashioned marching band, the song had me searching high and low.

Curiously, it does not appear on the official Monsters University soundtrack. There is only one non Randy Newman track on the soundtrack and considering the song I was searching for appears not once, BUT THREE times, you might think it deserves top billing.

So I googled it. And thank you very much interweb, because low and behold I found it... and immediately downloaded it.

They are the MarchFourth Marching Band and the song is called "Gospel".  They are from Portland Oregon, and from what I can gather they are uber band geeks that also joined Jazz Band and maybe dreamed of joining the circus one day. In other words, awesome.  Maybe Randy was feeling threatend and asked that their song not be included on the soundtrack because he knows he has some serious competition. Whatever the case, it's weird since the Marchfourth Marching Band rocks the house and must be promoted.

So if you see MU and think to yourself, "what the hell is that song. I need it." I've done the research for you, and you are very welcome.

Now go and support them if you live in the Portland, OR area and be sure and tell them they need to make a road trip to Boston.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Sephora Wants To Be A Part Of Your Worrrrrld

Being redheads we are very partial the The Little Mermaid. Growing up I was often referred to as "red" - hated it- and you very rarely saw a redhead in the movies forget walking around Disney World. Thankfully times have changed and the gingers are everywhere and Sephora has even decided to give our favorite redhead her very own makeup line. We love...


The Ariel collection includes:

A 20 shade eyeshadow set that is at the top of my list ( $55.00)
Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette ($30.00)
Sephora X What Cha-Nail-Callit Nail Lacquer Set ($24.50)
Mermaid Song Lip gloss Set ($38.00)
Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum ($58.00 / $19.00)
Set the Mood Compact Mirror ($20.00)

All are limited edition and set to be released in July. Check out the names of the eyeshadow palette. It's enough to get you to buy it without even seeing them. I'm also ecstatic that Urusla got her own shade. All hail the Sea Witch y'all

I seriously need to figure out a way to get the artwork on the box into picture form. I LOVE it.

- Blue Lagoon (shimmering blue)
- Scuttle (shimmering pinky beige)
- Flounder (matte nude)
- Sebastian (matte coraly pink)
- Flotsam (deep blue charcoal)
- Sea Shells (shimmering ivory)
- Les Poissons (dusty satin mauve)
- Caspian Sea (shimmering rich turquoise)
- Your Voice (glistening silver pearl)
- Unfortunate Souls (matte lavender grey)
- Atlantica (shimmering sea foam green)
- Fins (glittery mermaid green)
- Sick Of Swimmin' (shimmering opalescent)
- Ursula (pearly purple)
- Sha La La La (matte dark fuchsia)
- Triton (shimmering gold)
- Wanderin' Free (shimmering pink champagne)
- Jetsam (deep teal with dark iridescent glitter)
- Sea Witch (pearly violet)
- Treasure Untold (opalescent pale pink)

compact mirror. Just kiss her will ya!


I think this video would be improved if Davina and I were both in it wearing our mermaid attire, twirling our locks under water....oh forget it..Davina doesn't get her hair wet.

I know where I'll be in July how about you? Whether you're a natural redhead or not it looks like this collection may be the best Sephora has had so far. Now if only they had a dinglehopper.

~ Karen


Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's Lesportsac Giveaway Tiiiiiiiiime

We've made it clear that when it comes to Disney themed bags we are LeSportsac girls all the way. There are many styles and designs to choose from, but LeSportsac is a perfect fit for us, which is why we were ECSTATIC when they partnered with us again for another Best Friends giveaway!

The new Disney themed summer line is out with a new print Around the World and one of our faves from the Spring collection, Global Journey.

these bags will get stuck in you head just like the small world song

They've got an understated Disney touch about them that is so cute and endearing, without being all in your face. The bags themselves are beautifully made and hold TONS. I am not a small bag girl so I can be assured that LeSportsac will make me happy. Never fear though if you are a small bag girl, they've got all different sizes!

The bag we're giving away is a favorite and we hate to part with it, but we must share the LeSportsac love!. Its the Everygirl tote in the Around the World print and it's even got the attached small zipper bag inside!

Don't you just love the Mary charm!!!

This bag could be yours by entering a few different ways via Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. Leave a comment below telling us why you love Lesportsac so much
2. Follow us on twitter. We're super fun I promise! If you already follow us just enter your twitter name and let us know.
3. Retweet our contest announcement tweets or send one out of your own. Mention us and you're good

Be sure to check back in a few weeks as we'll be having another Lesportsac giveaway and a review of another of their bags.

Happy entering!

~ Karen


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

These Crocs are Made for Walking...

I am always amazed that I have not gained 20 pounds when I return from a trip to Disney World. The popcorn, the meals out, the desert/cookie with every meal, dole whip after dole whip. I throw out my Weight Watcher points tracker the minute I reach the airport.

So how is it that the net-gain post-vacation is generally 0? I am convinced it's the walking. A Disney trip requires walking everywhere and it ads up. For example, from the entrance of Epcot to the Margarita stand in Mexico has to be at least 3/4 of a mile (I know someone out there knows this stat-- help me out) and all this hoofing adds up. Which is why good shoes are essential. Here is my breakdown of the top three must have Disney shoes:

Jibbitzs Optional
Come on now. These are the work horse of the Disney shoe and, love them or hate them, you must admit they get the job done. For years these have been a Disney staple, and if you must pair them with socks to avoid blisters, I won't judge you much.

You want more proof of our love? We love them so much Karen even busted out an impromptu jam about jibbitzs while waiting for the rest of the gang to get off of the Rockin' Roller Coaster.

the jam is around the 1:43 mark

Toms are relatively new to the Disney park scene, but they are showing strong signs of staying power. While they have less cushion than the Crocs, they offer some fashion while completely covering your feet (If your pedicure is looking shabby by the end of the vaca, not a bad option).

I have a basic blue pair as well as a disco ball silver pair. But the latest in Disney fashion is the customized version found on Etsy

Could these be any cuter?
  • Havaianas (around $35 for custom flip flops)
You can't visit Disney without some flop flops. From scuffing to the pool to simply letting your worn-out feet breath for a bit, flop flops are an essential Disney suitcase item. Generally any old pair of flip flops will do but if you would like to add some flair to your "thwap thwap thwap" (my impersonarion of a flip flop sound) you should check out the Havaianas website. Not only do the have cute Disney options for the kids, you can actually build your own custom pair of flip flops.

You can select the color of the base as well as the thong. They also offer up to 4 custom "jewels" which includes everything from palm trees to initials. While the custom jewels are pretty cool, my wish is that the folks at Havainas offer some Disney branded options. Offer me a castle or some mouse ears and I swear I would never buy another pair of flip flops again.

for tiny feet only
What's in your suitcase on a Disney trip? Let us know what we should try out as well as avoid.

Happy walking!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crafty Tuesday is Back! And More Crafty Than Ever

I've been in a craft funk. But I'm back and ready to find the best handmade Disney swag the web has to offer.

My top three crafts are below. Craft on...

1. Disney Wave phone case ($15.99)
Can you hear me now?
If you have been on a Disney cruise you know that you get two phones to use around the boat for conversations like:

"Where are you?"
"I am at the buffet."
"I don't see you."
"I'm at the pickle station."
"I am also at the pickle station and I still don't see you."
"What pickle station are you at?"
"Oh for christ sake, there are multiple?"

If you have used these phones you also know you must return them in one piece or else pay a price. So some crafty crafter designed a case made especially for these devices. It's simple. You can clip it to your backpack. And really, why not?

2. Disney Inspired Candles ($35.00)
Shhh, listen. Do you smell something?
Can the smells of Disney be captured in a can? I dunno, but I wouldn't mind finding out. This collection of five candle scents includes:

World Showcase Margarita
Epcot Flower & Garden Festival
Philharmagic Cherry Pie
Mickey Waffles (yummy)
Boardwalk Bakery

I'm really glad there is no Turkey Leg option.

3. The Alphabet by Pixar ($15.00)
A, B, C, D, E, F, G...
Why not have some fun while you teach your kids the alphabet? Plus, the alphabet represented by Pixar is a fun way to brainwash introduce your kids to all the characters.

*Note* I was a little confused why Woody was under the S box, but I looked up the legend and he is representing "Sheriff Woody". Um, ok I guess. It's too cute a print to argue about it.

So there you have it for this weeks top three crafty Disney items.  I'll be on the look-out for next week, but if you see something that should be featured here, please send it our way.

Yours in craftiness,


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Remind Us Again Why We Live In New England?

It's about this time of year , every year, that we look at each other and ask " Why do we live in New England "? This month we finally asked that question again.

Between the 28 inches of snow, sleet, extreme cold temperatures and overall crappiness, we are always daydreaming of what it would be like to live in Disney World. Kind of like the college program, but for old ladies. We started reminiscing and found a video that sums it all up for us nicely.
The boat horn gets me every single time, and Stitch makes an appearance which always guarantees some unexpected moments.

And guess what...it's going to snow again this weekend.

~ Karen


Monday, February 18, 2013

Sephora Takes Us To A Whole New World, Princess Jasmine Style

Sephora has had lots of luck lately with glittery, sparkly makeup aimed right for the heart of Disney fans , so it just makes sense that they keep it going with a new collection due out in March.
Cinderella had her turn first and now it's time for Jasmine to take the spotlight .

Each of the different sets have quotes on them , which I think is so cute and very " Disney"

The "Three Wishes Eyeliner Set" says " Have a wish, or tow, or three" , the jewel tone polishes say
 " Wish for more wishes"" and the super cute eyeshadow palette says " you're only in trouble if you get caught" .

shut your eyes and take a chance
The details in this collection are amazing , from the compact mirror, perfume bottle to even just the box the eye shadows are in. If you've always wanted to be a Jasmine, but were more like and Ariel , this could definitely help you out. I'm thinking I need a spray tan first, but whatever,
the colors offer something for everyone, even if you don't have dreamy Jasmine skin


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oz The Great And Powerful In A Bottle. Thanks OPI

OPI Oz the Great and Powerful nail polish collection March 2013
some of our favorite things

I always wanted my own bottle of James Franco ( don't lie you do too) and leave it to OPI to hook a girl up.

OPI continues their run of fabulous Disney inspired colors with the " Oz The Great And Powerful" collection consisting of 7 different soft shades.

It seems to have a little of everything from soft pastels to some fun glitters, and who can resist names like  " When Monkeys fly" and " Don't Bust My Bubble"

In " What Wizardry Is This" a new technology for nail polishes is used-liquid sand- giving you a matte finish with some texture and reflective sparkle. As luck would have it that is the color inspired by our wizard himself and it looks fabulous and glittery and everything we're all about

Oh...there you are Franco

The movie comes out March 8 so mark your calendars, paint your nails and gas up your brooms. I'm so hoping it's everything I want it to be . Check out all the colors below and let us know which is your favorite .


No bright green witch shade here. I sort of wish there was

 ~ Karen

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