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Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's Lesportsac Giveaway Tiiiiiiiiime

We've made it clear that when it comes to Disney themed bags we are LeSportsac girls all the way. There are many styles and designs to choose from, but LeSportsac is a perfect fit for us, which is why we were ECSTATIC when they partnered with us again for another Best Friends giveaway!

The new Disney themed summer line is out with a new print Around the World and one of our faves from the Spring collection, Global Journey.

these bags will get stuck in you head just like the small world song

They've got an understated Disney touch about them that is so cute and endearing, without being all in your face. The bags themselves are beautifully made and hold TONS. I am not a small bag girl so I can be assured that LeSportsac will make me happy. Never fear though if you are a small bag girl, they've got all different sizes!

The bag we're giving away is a favorite and we hate to part with it, but we must share the LeSportsac love!. Its the Everygirl tote in the Around the World print and it's even got the attached small zipper bag inside!

Don't you just love the Mary charm!!!

This bag could be yours by entering a few different ways via Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. Leave a comment below telling us why you love Lesportsac so much
2. Follow us on twitter. We're super fun I promise! If you already follow us just enter your twitter name and let us know.
3. Retweet our contest announcement tweets or send one out of your own. Mention us and you're good

Be sure to check back in a few weeks as we'll be having another Lesportsac giveaway and a review of another of their bags.

Happy entering!

~ Karen


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

These Crocs are Made for Walking...

I am always amazed that I have not gained 20 pounds when I return from a trip to Disney World. The popcorn, the meals out, the desert/cookie with every meal, dole whip after dole whip. I throw out my Weight Watcher points tracker the minute I reach the airport.

So how is it that the net-gain post-vacation is generally 0? I am convinced it's the walking. A Disney trip requires walking everywhere and it ads up. For example, from the entrance of Epcot to the Margarita stand in Mexico has to be at least 3/4 of a mile (I know someone out there knows this stat-- help me out) and all this hoofing adds up. Which is why good shoes are essential. Here is my breakdown of the top three must have Disney shoes:

Jibbitzs Optional
Come on now. These are the work horse of the Disney shoe and, love them or hate them, you must admit they get the job done. For years these have been a Disney staple, and if you must pair them with socks to avoid blisters, I won't judge you much.

You want more proof of our love? We love them so much Karen even busted out an impromptu jam about jibbitzs while waiting for the rest of the gang to get off of the Rockin' Roller Coaster.

the jam is around the 1:43 mark

Toms are relatively new to the Disney park scene, but they are showing strong signs of staying power. While they have less cushion than the Crocs, they offer some fashion while completely covering your feet (If your pedicure is looking shabby by the end of the vaca, not a bad option).

I have a basic blue pair as well as a disco ball silver pair. But the latest in Disney fashion is the customized version found on Etsy

Could these be any cuter?
  • Havaianas (around $35 for custom flip flops)
You can't visit Disney without some flop flops. From scuffing to the pool to simply letting your worn-out feet breath for a bit, flop flops are an essential Disney suitcase item. Generally any old pair of flip flops will do but if you would like to add some flair to your "thwap thwap thwap" (my impersonarion of a flip flop sound) you should check out the Havaianas website. Not only do the have cute Disney options for the kids, you can actually build your own custom pair of flip flops.

You can select the color of the base as well as the thong. They also offer up to 4 custom "jewels" which includes everything from palm trees to initials. While the custom jewels are pretty cool, my wish is that the folks at Havainas offer some Disney branded options. Offer me a castle or some mouse ears and I swear I would never buy another pair of flip flops again.

for tiny feet only
What's in your suitcase on a Disney trip? Let us know what we should try out as well as avoid.

Happy walking!

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