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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Christmas Alert! What Girl Would'nt Want A Glammy Cinderella Doll?

While I realize my daughter may be past the age when she truly appreciates this doll - and she tends to be a bigger fan of the villains- I am all over it and considering adding it to my collection. Yes indeed I do have a  Barbie doll collection, complete with a Vera Wang Bride Barbie and a Limited Edition Ariel that will NEVER find its way on EBay.

I am high quality y'all

Pre-Order Limited Edition Cinderella Doll: 18''
It's all about the lashes. Words to live by

Available now for pre -order and hitting the shelves October 2, for the price of $99. To own a doll with lashes like that I'd pay it. I'm considering lash implants now as we speak just looking at her. Here's a few of the details from The Disney Store..

•Satin bodice covered with rhinestones

•Full peplum features layers of tulle and organza detailed with rhinestones

•Choker of ebony beads

•Opera gloves dotted with silver rhinestones

•Hair is accented with a glittering headband and gleaming hair clip

•Display stand included

•Plastic /polyester

•18'' H

•Ages 6+


•Includes Certificate of Authenticity

•Limited Edition of 5000

The two words " Limited Edition" will make her a must for collectors or for moms who don't mind a hundred dollar doll getting dragged around the house. She does look fantastic. Maybe Santa ( my mom) will bring her to me.

Check her out here

~ Karen

try to ,meet cinderella by winning a trip here!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey Is That Paul Blart? My Bad, It's Just A Nerd On a Segway At Epcot

If you've eyeballed the segways at Epcot before but never tried their existing tour then hold up...a new tour is starting in September entitled the "Keep Moving Forward: See the World, Share the Dream".

Included are segway riding lessons, since Disney is not stupid enough to just throw you out there and say " GO" , breakfast at Sunshine Seasons, a tour of World Showcase and a special pin for all you pin junkies. Give yourself three hours for the tour and bring $99 with you, if you're 16 or older.

I've never done any Segway tour before and prefer to just see the world and share the dream on my own two feet. The segway takes away my favorite part of touring the World Showcase, drinking along the way. Do they maybe come with cup holders?

If you want to learn more or to book a tour, please call (407) WDW-TOUR, but I bet you already knew that number by heart didn't you?

where's the cup holder for my margarita?

~ Karen


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jet Blue....Can you Make My Disney Dreams Come True?

I live in a little place called Worcester , Massachusetts. An hour away from Boston, it's got a little bit of everything . Parks, museums, great colleges, some notable restaurants, an airport....oh wait...scratch that airport part since what good is an airport with no airline.

Yes that's right, I live in a town with a fully functioning, abandoned airport. Last November I flew out of here with my family for a Disney vacation. I had heard horror stories about Direct Air -the previous airline-and was skeptical. The price and convenience were too good to pass up, so I booked my tickets, drove the 10 minutes to the airport and had the easiest flight ever. I praised the Worcester Airport swearing my allegiance to them and 5 months later Direct Air declared bankruptcy and the airport shut down. I did hear that Tom Hanks was up there shooting a movie though. That was sarcasm if you couldn't tell.

Every Disney vacation was planned in my mind out of Worcester, even though Jet Blue is my preferred airline. So imagine my excitement overload when  I read this week that Jet Blue CEO Dave Barger was coming to visit the ghost town for the second time this week!! Word on the street is that the deal revolves around the installation of a category 3 landing system at the airport.  Basically that means jazzing the airport up to Jet Blue standards and giving it the capability for planes to land in all types of weather. If it snowed up there in February and you had Direct Air tickets, you crossed your fingers and said a silent prayer.

This is news that , for a small town Disney freak like me, gives me butterflies of excitement. Imagine my fave airline ten minutes away, offering all the ease and convenience that Logan doesn't give me? I can also tell you I am not alone in feeling this. The people almost rioted around here when Direct Air said adios, so Jet Blue, if you are reading this ( please read this ) Worcester LOVES you. With service to Orlando you are guaranteed full planes every time. Everyone loves Mickey just as much as they love you.  Please help us make our airport more than a set from the Walking Dead.

Take us to Big Thunder Mountain Jet Blue!!!!!!!!!!

~ Karen

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No One Rocks A Fountain Like Gaston

Check out the video from Disney Parks showing new additions to Belle's Village. I feel so sneaky watching it like I'm peeking into a Christmas present before Christmas morning, which I have been known to do.

It looks amazing and to be honest it wouldn't be the same without Gaston. Add him to my our list of characters to stalk  and please take note of Lefou on the bottom. Classic.

 ~ Karen

Friday, August 10, 2012

Scan And Plan!- Epcot Food And Wine Festival QR Code

I love the Epcot Food and wine Festival , but sadly cannot go this year. There's a lot of Disney events I cant go to this year and thinking about them all makes me weepy. I'm not sure if scanning this QR code with all the details makes me feel better or worse. It's fun to check out the details, but now I feel like more of a loser for getting excited over things I won't get to do.

You can be a loser like me and scan to be jealous, OR  if you are lucky enough to go then scan and plan out all the awesome things you'll be doing. The new Italian Regional Food and Wine Luncheon sounds extra fantastic. You can find me crying into my wine at home instead.

Scan away and have fun...sniff sniff

Oh the torture
~ Karen

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Evil Stepsisters Unite!

Halloween is really just around the corner. I'm the type of gal who plans my daughters costume months in advance and yes they typically are Disney themed. I pay attention to all the details and spend more than any grown woman should on accessories, sparkles , shoes and the like. I haven't dressed up in years. Back in the day we used to have grown up parties but now we are all just all so lame. Davina and I have vowed though that if someone DOES decide to have a party and not be lame, we are ready to go. Better yet we imagine our next  girls trip to Disney in October and attending MNSSHP. We did it once before and didn't wear costumes. We've regretted it ever since.

Behold our costumes that we found on one of our favorite spots, Ebay. The price tags are high but since this is for an imaginary Halloween party we are sparing no expense.



These costumes look AMAZING! A seller on ebay who is a seamstress is selling them and I literally look at them every day. I just can't stop. I practice making stepsister faces in the mirror so I can achieve the look perfectly. I try to walk like them, talk like them and I'm pretty confident that I would be a fantastic stepsister. Put Davina next to me in her costume and you may as well hire us for Disney.We haven't decided who's who yet, but in the end it really doesn't matter. I'm willing to wear a wig if I have to. Check out the listings below.

The prices are a whopping $229 each at Buy it now, but like I said, my imaginary Halloween party spares no expense. If we do suddenly win a trip To WDW complete with Halloween party tickets, that baby is as good as mine....make evil stepsister face.



~ Karen

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, A Work Inspired Disney Etsy Collection

While Karen soaks up the summer rays on her vacation in Maine, I am getting settled into a new job.

I know, unfair. Right?

I forgot how hard it is to get settled-- usernames and passwords must be committed to memory, a new computer must be configured, and most importantly a new desk must be decorated. After my first full week, I have finally remembered most of my log-ins but my office space remains sparse. So I thought I would use this opportunity as an excuse to start decorating.

For your mouse: I currently have a lame mouse pad. It's gray and boring and needs an update. So why not trick out your mouse pad with a Haunted Mansion inspired design. $11.88

doom buggy not included
For your stuff: You know how in a new job you are carrying your phone, ID, wallet, bathroom key, etc. from meeting to meeting? I'm pretty sure it's not just me, and I found the perfect solution organize my business. Behold, a Peter Pan Inspired case perfect for those moments you just don't want to haul your pocket book around with you. $15.00

Following the leader, the leader, the leader...

For your Disney Countdown: Lets face it. We work so we can play. And everyone needs some motivation. Remind your colleagues how many days until you say "later suckers. I'm out" (wait, am I the only one who says that to my co-workers before going on vacation?) with this vintage Disney chalkboard.

My countdown would say "45 days bitches"
There are so many fun ways to make your office space less, well, "Office Space". Just don't touch my stapler, or I may burn this mother to the ground.


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