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Monday, July 30, 2012

Check Your Settings, Then Buy This Disney App

Just what my children don't need is another app in their lives that 10 minutes after downloading will be sent to the cloud to collect cyber dust and yearn to be played with. I don't think they will however have a problem with Disney's newest app Pixel'd.

Check out my pixels yo

It's a pixel-art app where you create images, including using stamps of Disney characters from Mickey Mouse to Cars.You pop the pixels into place as you go and then share with your pals You can even connect via blue tooth or wifi and draw with said pal in real time. It comes with a decent amount of free Disney patterns but beware, you have to make a purchase to buy Cars or Princess pics. In other words TURN OFF IN APP PURCHASES! I learned the hard way once when my daughter was 6. The app is free right now so don't delay.

My kids are sampling this right now. So far no one has sighed and declared they are bored .

"Turn off your in app purchasessssssss"

~ Karen


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pass the CousCous - LeSportsac and Disney travel to Morocco

So if you haven't noticed, we have been on a major LeSportsac kick. This classic brand wove it's way into our hearts in the 80s and we just can't get enough of their latest Disney, It's A Small World collection.

Karen mentioned earlier in the week that the latest designs were out for Fall-- and we wanted to share some additional details (and more importantly, a great discount) on their latest release.

In the interest of full transparency, let me start by saying that the Morocco theme was NOT on on my best guess list. Though my dreams of becoming the next LeSportsac designer are shattered, I will gladly leave the design decisions to the experts since they clearly know what they are doing.

Pinks, purples, and tans fill the Fall pallet with floral accents and four varying graphical patterns to choose from. Basically, a little something for everyone.

Lets take a quick look at the collection. Caravan of Dreams (pictured below) is the season's graphic tote and features a young girl moving toward an oasis under the Moroccan sky.

Next up is an olive tree print called Saffron, Medina, and Morocco which may be my favorite from this collection. Couldn't you just imagine a carry-on bag in this print? I think I can... and so can my credit card.

The Moroccan Sun design continues the adventure and Wondrous Journey wraps up the ongoing tribute to the iconic Small World design elements we all know and love.

*insert wistful sigh here*

It's not an easy decision, I know. But to make it a little easier on the wallet, LeSportsac has a 15% off summer sale going on NOW. But only until July 29-- so get shopping (coupon code below). It's rare that they include the special collections in the discount so grab the deal while you can.

Happy Shopping!




Don't Be A Makeup Snob - Avon Loves Disney Too

I'll try all kinds of makeup as long as I'm sure it wont give me a rash of some sort. My favorites tend to be on the pricier side but I have ordered from Avon in the past with some mixed reviews. My 8 year old loves to flip through the catalog looking for "girly" things and don't you know she found some new Disney products that are super cute, and affordable. Start your Christmas shopping....NOW

Mickey rolling tote- $39.99. I won't cheat on you LeSportsac...I won't

Mickey Pendant Necklace- A steal at $5.99

Birthstone rings- $ 8.99 and so going in the stocking this year

Adorable Mickey head necklace another steal at $ 5.99

I hate paying shipping for anything, especially small items that a raven could deliver to my house. If you hate it too then use these codes for some free shipping. REPFLYER, FIRSTREP are good on any size order (a one time use code) and the code SPCART12 is good for free shipping on a $10 order.

Happy Avon Shopping!

~ Karen

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fall LeSportsac Disney Bags Arriving Soon! It's a Best Friends Must Have.

We've talked before about our love of the Disney inspired LeSportsac bags and even received a real beauty from them to review ( two girly bloggers...one bag...one sad girl with no bag) . Davina was the lucky winner of their gift since she's going to WDW in September and has a fabulous theme planned our for her bag.  We also took some guesses as to what the new collection might look at here

In the mean time check out some new pictures from the Fall line " A Wondrous Journey Under The Moroccan Sun" coming in August. August can't come soon enough!

Were our guesses close?

Are we obsessed with these bags? Yes...yes we are

~ Karen

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Friday Fun Day - Time to Give Stuff Away!

As mentioned yesterday in our crafty blog post, we are planning a give away <insert excited squeal here>. We do so love fun free things and we suspect that you do too. So with fun free things in mind, here is what you can win...

Cinderella Moleskine Notebook. This hand drawn original notebook was an Etsy find of ours a few months ago and we had to have it. But then when we got it, we realized we should really share it. It's very cute and all you need to do is follow the rafflecopter entry instructions below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!!!

~Davina & Karen


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Etsy Disney Finds - It's Craft-o-licious

It's about time for another Disney Etsy (and sometimes Ebay) round up. There are so many great original items out there for unique gifts, special occasions, or just because. This is just a small sampling to get you in the crafting groove.

1. For your work commute this Fall. If you live anywhere on earth, you are probably sweltering in the heat and not thinking about hats. Well before you know it, the temp will change and we will be looking for the perfect Fall hat. The crochet Mickey hat below comes in both adult and children sizes. I double dog dare you to rock this on your work commute. $15

my head is sweating just looking at this
2. For your next beach party. More summer appropriate is this super cute Mickey and the gang skirt made from bed sheets. You heard me. Bed Sheets!!!! I am now wishing I saved my Little Mermaid sheets as they would have made a killer sarong. $45

sheet skirt. not to be confused with bath towel tank top
3. For the office. I love office supplies. But I love them more when they are super cool with a Disney theme. Check out these retro comic book pencils. Almost too cute for actual use. At $11.60 for 5 you can save them to write down important Disney-only notes.

No, I will not lend you one of these. 

4. For the wall. I see this vintage monorail poster hanging in the family room, office, or kids room. It's cute. It's retro. It's only $5.95

What the future used to look like

If you missed our last crafty round up, you can find it here. It was a special "crafty brides" edition and should not be missed.

*special note* And finally, we really want to do another give-away. This time for the Cinderella notebook that we found on Etsy a few months ago (see picture below). Turns out, we were the very first customer for this aspiring artist/ Etsy merchant! She even tweeted how sad she was to see the notebook go. Just goes to show how much heart goes into some of these pieces and it's why we love this little showcase. Just try to find that amount of merchandise pride at Target.

Check back tomorrow for our giveaway. Word.



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Phineas And Ferb Meet The Avengers....And My Son Just Fainted

Due to air this Summer Phineas and Ferb- my favorite cartoon boys- will meet up with The Avengers in an episode entitled " Phineas and Ferb : Mission Marvel".

In "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel," Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk enter Danville after Dr. Doofenshmirtz's latest "inator" scheme  removes their powers and immobilizes them.   Phineas and Ferb meet up with the crew to help them regain their powers and defeat Doofenshmirtz along with a gaggle of Marvel villains.

This is cashing in on an age range that can span pretty wide. My son is 11 and loves both, my daughter who's 8 loves P and F but could care less about the Avengers...besides maybe The Hulk. I'm older than dirt and love them all.

None of these children seem to question the large, green man in the back. Always ask who it is before answering the door

The announcement was made at Comic Con where I'm sure nerds of all ages had the same swooning reaction as my son. That undertone of bitterness you hear for not being at Comic Con is accurate. I love Iron Man and Iron man was there.

Now the big question is is Robert Downy Jr the voice in the cartoon? Please say yes please say yes PLEASE SAY YES!!

Where's captain America at?

~ Karen

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bibbidi Bobbidi Big Red Wig- Merida Makeover Now At BBB

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Walt Disney World offers 'Brave' new package
You've seen my Bibbidi Bobbidi Bust Out Your Wallet post so you know I'm a fan of the BBB and all it's glittery goodness. I'm also a fan of fantastic big red wigs, so if you're heading to Disney anytime soon and looking for a  new look check it out. The Merida " Brave" makeover.

The "Merida" package includes "a fiery and curly "Merida"wig, shimmering makeup, face gems, princess sash, and princess tote bag." The cost of the package is $54.95 plus tax, but for $5 more, a princess may also have her nails polished. The "Merida" costume and crown may also be purchased at an additional cost. If I were you, I'd bring my own costume since the fairy Godmothers have a tendency to overcharge for frocks.

If anyone has already done this makeover PLEASE send us pictures. As two redheads we love to see a fellow red get the spotlight. It ends soon for some unknown reason so hurry up!

~ Karen


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If You Love Castles You've Come To The Right Place

Of all the Disney Parks, sadly I can say I've only been to one. WDW consumes me and keeps me from trying others...well that and the airfare prices to try other far away places. Looking at pictures of all the different castles though is a favorite hobby and like many of you my breath was taken away by the Disneyland Paris castle. It truly looks amazing

Right now the Disney Gallery has an exhibit featuring the famous castles of Disney Parks and films. The centerpiece is a replica of the Paris Castle that will make you ooh and ahh.


They also have wall art showing how the castle fits into the landscape and what's inside each of them. This is one exhibit I'd love to see since the castles fascinate me. If you are heading to Disneyland anytime soon make sure you hit this up.Small replicas are also available to buy but now I just need a shrink ray invented so I can live in them.

Amazing. Me thinks the BF's may need a Parisian ladies trip

~ Karen

Monday, July 9, 2012

The California Grill - A Retrospective on Delicious Goodness

When we heard the news that the California Grill would be shutting their doors for a few months, we had a wistful moment. The California Grill is where I (Davina) had my wedding reception (the Napa room). It's where Karen and I planned my wedding (yes, my husband was involved, but you know how it is), it's where we went with our husbands for a wine-infused one-year anniversary, and it was the site of a follow-up girls trip.

In short, the Cali Grill (we are on nickname terms) is special to us for so many reasons. To think they may be changing it even slightly makes us nervous. We like it just. the. way. it. is.

Well, "just the way it is" with a few suggested modifications. So if you are listening California Grill refurb team, here are our top items we would like to see changed and what we would like untouched.

  • Bar Seats. No better place to chill before Wishes starts. Well, top of Bay Lake is a close second but that's another post. All I ask is that you keep the bar patrons limited so it doesn't get overcrowded, K?
 No girl wants to stand with her drink in hand. We're lazy like that
  • Lighting. I should not be able to look across the table and see Karen's wine-teeth. She should not be able to see mine. So lets dim it down, shall we? Some lovely fuzzy lighting that makes everyone look Barbara Walters airbrushed would be best. The last visit was like high def meets florescent office lighting at its worst. Ug.
See those filthy glasses and wine teeth? We do to and it's not enjoyable. Dim the lights.

  • Whatever this is. Please don't take this off the menu. I will cry.

Don't ever change this.

  • Large wine glasses with a generous pour. Glug. Glug.
  •  Dress Code. It burns my eyes to see jean shorts and t-shirts in a place like this. I get it, Disney is casual but that does not mean you just give up and throw on your "I'm with stupid" t-shirt. There should be some dress code aside of "no shirt, no service".
Dress Code = Mouse ears optional.

  • Private Dining. Every Disney fan needs to experience the California Grill private dining. Our suggestion, plan your next family reunion in the Napa Room. It's like you have the whole place to yourself.
Keep the private room. Best.wedding dinner.ever. And look at that view.

  • Children. We have children and we love them. But we would not bring them here. Lets ask all parents to find a sitter for the night as well.

These children are corralled in a private room under the watchful eye of Karen's husband.

  • First Class Service. At my one-year wedding anniversary Karen organized to have my wedding flowers and special personalized menu at our table.
Special table set up for an anniversary? No problem AND right by the window.

Where else do you get this on your table? Girl please

  • First Class Views. 'Nuff said

NEVER get rid of that view

Water parade from the windows? Don't mind if I do.
Thank you Cali Grill for all the great memories. We love you and we can't wait to visit you again.

~Davina & Karen

Thursday, July 5, 2012

This is One Shoe You Don't Want to Lose - Cinderella Goes High Fashion

*update* - On July 4th a preview of the new Cinderella Christian Louboutin shoe was picked up by WDW. See images below. I'm not sure but this looks a bit like the Mariah Carey version of what Cinderella would wear, no? And in case you were worried, the red sole is there.

(original post)

Word on the street is that Christian Louboutin is partnering with Disney to design a fancy-pants version of the Cinderella glass slipper (read: wicked expensive red-soled shoe) in time for the Cinderella Blu-Ray DVD release this Fall. 

No sneak peeks online yet or news on if this shoe will be available to general public. However, a couple of things I am sure of:

1. These will not be walking shoes
2. They will be Oprah expensive
3. I'm predicting they are going to be clear. Or clear with sparkles. Crazy wild guess.

The trick is, how to incorporate the trademark red sole into the design? You know Cinderella followers are purists when it comes to her evening shoe wear. 

"My monocle is as big as your shoe!" 

I'm thinking any girl getting married at Disney will cut a b**ch in a cage match to get her feet into a pair of these bad boys. Cinderella would have wanted it that way.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Disney/Pixar Brave -- a 4-Year Old Review

This past weekend my 4-year old son and I went to see Brave. Here is his review...

shortly after this was taken I ate all his popcorn

Me: Grayson, what did you think of the movie?
Grayson: Good
Me: did you have a favorite part?
Grayson: Good
Me: No, listen. I'm asking you if you had a favorite part. What did you like best.
Grayson: I dunno. Ummmmm. Can we have a playdate with Brendan?
Me: We're not talking about that right now. Tell me about the movie.
Grayson: It was good. <long pause> The bear was scary. <longer pause as I look at him expectantly> And they said "this means war"

(For the record, someone from the Scottish clan did say "this means war" right before a fight scene. Not sure why this stuck with him.)

So there you have it. The evil bear was scary but he soldiered through covering his ears (not sure why ears and not eyes) during the higher stress moments. Depending on your little one Brave could be too much for the 4 and under set, but an appropriately timed bathroom break might do the trick during those ear covering scenes.


Move Over ITunes - There is a New App Store in Town

*update 7/3* LeapFrog is giving away a new LeapPad2 every week until July 16th. Enter to win (one entry per week) on their Facebook page

*update 6/19* The LeapPad2 is coming out in the coming weeks. Pre-order begins on June 18, 2012. With more memory and a faster processor, the apps and games can get more sophisticated. This new version also includes a camera on the front of the device for 4-year old self portraits.
iPad apps aren't the only app player in town-- at least if you ask my 4 year old son. LeapPad Tablet, the upgrade to the Leapster Explorer was developed by Leap Frog (I feel like I should be jumping lilly pads) last summer as the tablet choice for the under 10 crowd. While the concept wasn't new-- portable gaming systems for kids have been around, well, since the Game Boy (remember that?) came on the scene in the 80's-- the LeapPad has distinguished itself as the first kids system to take on digital content.

With over 150 apps --and growing-- in their online store, LeapFrog has begun building an arsenal of kid content branching out to partner with Disney, Sesame Street, and more. While you are not going to find Angry Birds in the LeapPad collection (note to Leap Frog: get with Rovio and develop an Angry Birds lite for the 5-year old set-- you will make millions) you are also not going to find any objectionable content either. The LeapPad app store is all about kids and some apps will even have your young ones learning while they play. Not a bad deal.

One complaint. Speaking of deals (or lack-there-of) apps are not as cheap as IPad apps. Content can range from $5-$25 which can seem like a bit of a blind risk purchase with no real word of mouth to boost confidence (ever heard of Jewel Train? Me neither, but my son talked me into it and it seemed to work out).

The new partnerships with Disney and Sesame Street should help the anonymous app problem. But I also wouldn't object to a slight price reduction showing that Leap Frog understands that digital content does not carry the same overhead as a boxed game.

More on the new Leap Frog partnerships can be found in this Wall Street Journal article.


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