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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At Last...I have found you

For years I have been searching for the Disney resort muzak that my mother and I like to drink to- after the kids are asleep of course. A few glasses of wine on your Disney balcony and some muzak...what else could you really want in life?

Whoever the genius is that did this I would personally like to hug, rub, thank , or pay money too. Thank you sir....I can now have my fix at home whenever I want. You have brought me and my mama to tears..sniff sniff


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings by Alfred Angelo


Will someone I know please get married at Disney World

While Davina is away at Disney all I can do is sit here in the frozen tundra and dream of rollercoasters, mouse ears and dole whips. I google Disney news just to see what I am missing. It's awful to say the least.

With the help of Lizzie I did discover some new Disney wedding dresses by Alfred Angelo to chat about as a follow up to my previous post " Fireworks, castles and gowns..oh My! "

Check out the new styles at the website below


The Ariel style is the one posted above and I' not sure if it's the picture I love, the gown or just the fact that's it's Ariel..a fellow redheaded princess
What's your favorite?

~ Karen
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