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Monday, December 31, 2012

Sailing Away for Christmas on the Disney Dream - What You Need to Know

A year ago when I started planning our Christmas trip on the Disney Dream I had no idea how it would go. Traditionally we are a stay-at-home in our PJs kind of Christmas family. My husband and I both being only children, travelling was never necessary.

As I told people of our plans, some of the same questions would come up again and again. I thought it would make a good blog post since I really couldn't find the answers myself so here goes.

Q: What are you doing about presents?
A: Lets just get this one out of the way. You wouldn't believe how many people asked me this question. As a mom of two young boys (5 and 2), I can understand the curiosity. Toys are a big part of their life so essentially taking the biggest toy day away may result in a mutiny (appropriate on the high seas). Thankfully they are young enough that the Christmas present fever is not in full swing yet. In fact, Grayson (my 5-year old) asked for four things. Quentin (the 2-year old) only wants what his brother has so he received an age appropriate counterpart to his gifts.

All the items were small and easily packed in their own suitcase. I didn't wrap anything as I was not sure if the TSA cares-- plus I really hate wrapping. My mother was a little upset that I didn't make the effort and I would likely bring along some gift bags the next time if only to make the experience a bit more festive. No presents for the adults. The cruise was the present, to which my oldest would respond, "you're just kidding."I appreciated his concern for our lack of gifts, but it really felt nice not worrying about it. 

Q: Who is going and are you all staying in the same stateroom?
A: As mentioned, my husband and I are only children so extended family is not an issue. For this trip it was my husband and I with our two boys along with my mother. We got two staterooms on the 8th floor (with veranda) that adjoined. Connecting rooms was a really important feature as it opened up our space considerably. Each room sleeps 4. One double bed and a bunk bed that pulls from the ceiling.  I'm not going to lie-- its a tight space. We all had bruises from walking into the bed, doors, tables, etc. You get used to it.. sort of.

Like a dorm room with fancier sheets

Q: Are you getting a tree or decorating your stateroom?
A: We just brought the boys stockings. You can order a tree as a special request but it is over $100 and, as mentioned, space is a premium in a cruise ship cabin. The tree in the main lobby of the boat was more than enough to gaze at.  I did see people carrying their own decorations off the boat during debarkation. Watching them struggle with a medium size fake tree AND all their luggage made me realize I would have likely left decorations behind. I'm glad I didn't bring anything more.

The stockings were hung on the boat railing with care.

Q: What happens on Christmas Day?
A: We were at sea for Christmas Day. Our daily navigator had all the activities, but what I didn't realize was some events fill up on the first day of the cruise. Case in point, Make Your Own Gingerbread House. My mother was obsessed with this as she watched families walk by with rather elaborate houses. We learned there was a sign up at Guest Services the first day of the cruise but by Christmas, it was full. Lesson learned. 

side note: after making the houses you can take them back to your stateroom but you cannot take them off the boat. In other words, eat it before the end of the cruise.

Navigator Christmas edition

There were however, plenty of things to do that required no sign-up. Santa was in the main atrium for pictures. And when Santa needed a bathroom break, Santa Goofy took his place. I think my children were more interested in Santa Goofy, but we wanted the real thing.

Santa finds his way on the boat
We went for breakfast at the Royal Palace on Christmas morning not realizing that there was an entire Christmas spread available in the main lobby. So after breakfast we had second breakfast consisting of giant sugar cookies, cream filled pretzels, mince pies, hot chocolate, and more. 

The Christmas spread. A post-breakfast feast.
And just in case the normal decorations weren't enough, a massive ice sculpture of santa's reindeer was in the atrium. How/when they found time to carve that is a mystery.

Santa and his reindeer in ice form
I think one of the best parts of the morning was seeing all the families walking around in their Christmas Pajamas. Entire families had matching sets of plaid PJs and they just strolled through the ship in their slippers like it was their living room. It was obviously a tradition for these folks. Not going to lie, I had a sundress on and I was jealous. 

Q: Did it feel like Christmas?
A: Yes and no. After the 4 presents were opened by the children it was really cruise business as usual. Eating, Aquaduck, pool, spa treatment, cocktail of the day, and more eating just about covers it. Even though there were loads of holiday related activities, we really spent the afternoon enjoying the normal ship offerings. I had a massage around 3PM and I was surprised how crazy busy the spa was. Grayson went on the Aquaduck around 5-6 times. Nothing says happy holidays like a hot stone massage and water coasters. For those more religious than I, there was a Catholic mass early Christmas day as well as an interdenominational service.

Side note: They did show the Disney Christmas parade on the funnel vision (giant screen on deck 11 overlooking the pool). 

Q: Did Disney do anything different for Christmas dinner? Any special entertainment?
A: Christmas night was the formal night of the cruise. We were scheduled at Animators Palate Christmas night and they had a special menu along with a special theming (not the normal Nemo and Crush) along the walls. Visuals and sketches from all various Disney movies slowly rotated the screens while the the appropriate song played along. 

For dinner I had the turkey in keeping with our normal Christmas tradition, but there were loads of options to chose from (a sampling of the menu below). It wasn't exactly the same as home, but I suppose that was the point. And the best part-- no clean up! After dinner we went to see the Golden Mickeys. If you are not familiar with this stage show, it's a must see for all ages. We all walked away saying "wow".

A menu fit for Christmas day
decisions, decisions

Q: Would you do it again?
A: Yes, yes, and yes. In fact, we booked the 7-night Fantasy cruise for next Christmas while we were on board. They have some serious financial incentives for booking while still cruising and we were not the only ones jumping at the chance. Every time we visited the cruise booking desk the line was a few people deep. The last night there were at least 20 people waiting. 

Tip - if you think you would like to book again, jump at the chance early on the cruise. No point in waiting.

While Cruising over Christmas is a special experience, I think it is safe to say that I am officially a year round Disney cruise addict. Trust me when I say, its the type of vacation you will never forget. Keep an eye out for more cruise related posts. 

Have a safe and happy New Year!



Monday, December 3, 2012

Cinderella Fever Continues....And We Love It

I am NOT  getting married , but if I were I know three things to be true.
1. It would be at Disney
2. I would wear a Cinderella dress
3. I would still choose the man I'm married to now. I kinda like him

Hot for the holiday season Alfred Angelo debuted it's Diamond Runway show on YouTube today so you know we had to check it out. The gowns are available now through March. Look for special trunk shows at Alfred Angelo Signature stores and their partner stores. Lord above they even have a " Glass Slipper " blue fabric. If a girls gonna get married at Disney why not go all out?

Speaking of Disney be looking out for some fun Cruise posts and tweets as Davina prepares for her big birthday , Christmas cruise! And the answer is yes...I am jealous.

~ Karen

Thursday, October 25, 2012

This Is Not Your Daughters Princess Dress

Harrod's has surprised me by embracing two of my favorite things and combining them into one big ,sparkly explosion. Starting November 1 the iconic storefront windows ( christmas window browsing -fave thing 1) will be adorned with designer dresses inspired by Disney princesses ( fave thing 2).

The designers are some names you're sure to recognize . Mussoni, Marchesa, Versace and  Ellie Saab anyone? In my dreams...but the sketches look absolutely beautiful. Some are open to interpretation, while others hit the princess straight on the head.

Tiana- I love this dress- Pocahontas and Ariel...yes Ariel

Aurora...Saab wisely made it pink

Oscar De La Renta does Snow White and Versace inspired Cinderella. Mind you I'm judging the dress not the impossible waist size

Now who's up for a road trip across thre pond? Try and find all your favorites in the video !

•Cinderella in Versace

•Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty" in Elie Saab

•Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" in Valentino

•Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" in Marchesa

•Snow White in Oscar de la Renta

•Rapunzel from "Tangled" in Jenny Packham

•Pocahontas in Roberto Cavalli

•Jasmine in Escada

•Tiana from "The Princess & The Frog" in Ralph & Russo

•Mulan in Missoni

~ Karen

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Limited Time Magic...I Like It

Disney announced the new campaign for 2013 this week calling it "Limited Time Magic" and it seems to have either delighted people or pissed them off and made them sarcastic. I'll be straightforward with you when I say that I never have a problem with anything Disney does. Refurbs that disrupt my riding time when I'm there may depress me, but that's about it.

" Limited Time Magic" includes an " Unleash The Villains" jam on Friday the 13th which I'd give anything to attend with my villain loving daughter. A " Pirate Week" which can only mean more Captain Jack. More of the Captain is never a bad thing. Sign me up for that week as well. The week long Valentines day sounds genius to me. I am not a fan of Valentines day in general, but would sure as hell celebrate my love all week long if it was at Disney. " Long Lost Friends" week should , for me , include Mortimer. My kids used to be obsessed with watching this old cartoon with him in it, and just his pants alone are fantastic.

I'm ready for some fun new things next year WDW. Just save me a seat next to Captain Jack and Mortimer.

~ Karen

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Break Down Of A`Disney Halloween Costume - With a Touch Of Evil

We take Halloween costumes VERY seriously in my house. Almost too seriously according to my husbands wallet. My house stays moderately decorated inside and a spooky pumpkin or too adorn the outside, so I make up for that in costumes. And yes they usually are Disney related

My daughter has been everything. Snow White, Tinkerbell, Alice In Wonderland , Cinderella and all the sparkly things you can think of. Since she was 3 years old though she has been fascinated by the villains. It was a love/ hate relationship, but watching her was reaction was fantastic. She WANTED to turn away from them but couldn't. It only made her look more. The first time she saw Ursula creep by in Spectromagic ( I miss you ) she squeezed my husband so tight and made a sort of "ooooh" noise, but refused to look away. The dragon in Fantasmic...dumbfounded by it. I think it was her first exposure to watching Snow White , and the transformation from Evil Queen to old hag blew her mind. Don't get me wrong, she loves Snow White, but if you ask her her favorite character from it , the answer will always be the Evil Queen.

Case in point this picture that's been hanging in her room since she was three. Please do not call child services on me if you think it's too scary. Clearly from the artwork on it , she spent hours staring at it and loving it.

I am now framed behind glass to avoid further graffiti

Years ago I bought her the Evil Queen costume, via EBay, and she would just gaze at it. It was always too big for her bitty body , so we put it away in her dress up trunk, and would take it out every now and then to admire. I came home one night about three weeks ago to find it laid out on her bed with a note next to it that stated, "this is my Halloween costume this year". So 5 years later here we are with a sparkly Evil Queen costume that her 3 year old self could only dream about wearing one day. I immediately went into accessory planning mode , since no Evil Queen can be without them.

A poison apple...because what's the Evil Queen without it.

Yes I made this apple and yes I love it. Have a bite?

An Emma approved trick or treat bag suitable for holding massive amounts of candy. This is courtesy of Hot Topic. I don't have the skills to make this

I can hold enough candy for the neighborhood.

Her costume didn't come with the big gold and ruby bling you see above , and of course we need it, so once again I turned to EBay and found this pin.

Pin to the costume and voila...evil brooch complete

 Now for the actual costume and head wrap...well you're going to have to wait for that. Our Evil Queen transformation will be complete on Halloween for you to see. I think it's my favorite costume so far and can't wait to share it!

Now you can see why my husbands wallet recoils at Halloween time, but then again, it does whenever I say the word Disney.

~ Karen

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Monday, September 17, 2012

When Your Bestie Goes To Disney Without You...An Impromptu Pity Party

So if you've been following us on twitter - and you really SHOULD be- then you know that Davina is out making memories at Disney this week while I stay behind and feel forlorn. Her updates have been amazing, but it's always so much better to be there with her.

This prompted me last night to do two things ( after I pouted on the couch to my husband about how we should be there too. It was unsuccessful )

First I poured my ghetto crystal light and served it on a Disney Parks napkin .

Don't hate
Next I tried to make it seem like I was part of the action by listening to my favorite Channel 19 Disney music that I found long ago on youtube. I listen to this so much the man should really be at a million views by now.

And lastly, I watched a video Davina and I made a few years ago on a girls trip touring the Yacht Club at night. Appropriate since she's at the Beach Club this week.

Did it make me feel any better? Not really..but I'm sharing it with you in case you've got the Disney blues
too. sigh......

~ Karen

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Girl Of The Hour Gets A Sephora Makeup Collection. Don't Be Late Getting It!

It's time again for me to write about my two of my favorite things coming together in a way almost as fantastic as a peanut butter cup- Makeup meet Disney...Disney meet makeup.

Sephora is getting ready to release a Cinderella inspired collection next month which seems to be the trend these days. I'm sure it's to coincide with the collectors edition of Cinderella being released, but any time of year is a good time for new makeup.

This ad alone makes me want more

The collection includes a four-shadow palette, perfume and a sassy compact mirror that looks like a pocket watch ,shown below. The rest of the collection includes four lipsticks, a six-piece nail polish set, a roll-on fragrance, and a 20-shade palette inspired by the Disney film.

Don't be late !

It's also rumored that a Spring collection featuring more princesses will be a part of the Sephora lineup. If it's true I love them even more.A suggestion? Give Ariel her props. Redheads love cosmetics and she looked gorgeous even under water.

If you are A beauty insider ( you know I am ) you can get passes for a screening of the Cinderella re-release. The offer comes in a Sephora email
 Check it out over at http://www.sephora.com/  soon!

~ Karen

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Friday, September 14, 2012

A LeSportsac Contest and a Trip to the Kingdom

So I'm headed to Disney tomorrow. Sadly without my bestie Karen-- though she is claiming to stow away in my luggage.

It's been far too long for our girls trip. But that's a tale for another day.

In the meantime this trip is happening, and I want to document it. So what do you want to see? What do you miss when your not on Disney property? Is it the food? The weather report? How about some pics from the Halloween party? Let me know and I'll blog/tweet it up for you.

And while we are at it, a new give away is in the mix. LeSportsac was kind enough to send the perfect bag from the Small World collection for us to share. It's a cross the chest style you see everywhere these days and we want to give it to you. So follow us, retweet us, comment us and win this kick ass bag.

i want to come home with you

And one editors note, Im not bringing my computer so my phone will be doing the heavy lifting. I apologize in advance for grammatical shenanigans.

I'll check in from WDW tomorrow! In the meantime, enter to win!

~davinaa Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Take A Ride On Test Track With Us. P.S...We Like To Scream

It's  a  Monday...meh.

Beat the Monday blues with a little ride on Test Track with us , but three things

1. You may find us annoying
2. We like to scream
3. It was so not faster than any other time. We had a few drinks in France.


~ Karen

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lets Get Nerdy -- Vacation Gadget Planning, Disney Style

Packing for Disney no longer involves simply remembering your underwear and sensible shoes. These days a flight to Disney involves downloading your apps prior to take off, remembering all your plugs and cords, and figuring out a way to fit it onto a carry-on. 

Since I have vacation on the brain (8 days, 8 days, 8 days...), for the next couple of days I thought it I would start posting my must have gadgets and apps to keep my family occupied and my sanity intact.

Why The Leap Pad is the Best Invention Ever

The flight to Orlando from Boston is not long. But when you have an active 2.5-year old who's only source of amusement is kicking the seat in front of him and bothering his 4-year old brother, a bag of gadgets is a must. I have seen the mom-blogs that tout "STICKERS!" "CRAYONS" "UNWRAP A PRESENT EVERY 1/2 HOUR". I can only assume these are the same moms who insist on battery-free toys in the house. I tip my hat to you battery free mothers, however I pray at the alter of things that go beep boop.

So here's the deal, it would be lovely if our cherubs were instantly entertained by a bag of rocks but they are no fools. They demand their entertainment too. And given some of the great choices out there, I am happy to oblidge.

So the first gadget in my bag of tricks is the... drum roll please... Leap Pad 2

Wait? Leap Pad 2? You mean there are two versions of this gadget?

Why yes. There are two versions and while the legacy version is still a rock star, the upgraded version just gives you that much more. The biggest bonus of all.... a rechargeable battery pack. This enhancement is a game changer for traveling and takes the stress off planning where to pack the millions of batteries you may need for an entire week of usage.

I've written about the Leap Pad before and mentioned my love for their ever-expanding app store (note: I still say they need to lower the app price point a smidgen). Since I posted about their app store, they have come out with even more games and apps to enjoy. And even a partnership with Sesame Street!

I would also recommend investing in some of the accessories. There is a gel casing that fits perfectly over the device to keep it save from falls and spills. There is also a hard plastic carrying case for storage of the various non-app games and cords.

What's your must-pack gadget or app?



Monday, September 3, 2012

So Many Glass Slippers...So Little Time

Remember our post about the Christian Louboutin ( hideous ) Cinderella shoes? Well someone else and far more budget friendly has decided to throw down their version just in time for the " Cinderella - Diamond Edition" released on October 2.

DSW has decided to release several pairs in partnership with Disney and are calling it their Glass Slipper Collection available October 1. Coincidence? I think not

The shoes , in my opinion, are far cuter and as expected not a budget breaker like the Louboutins . There are several styles to choose from to please a variety of gals. None are glass or even glass looking, but with a price range of $59.95 to $89.95 you cannot go wrong. With a great range of colors from gold to pink you don't have to pick the traditional Cinderella look, though it's there if you want it. The word on the street is that the sole of the shoe will have an embossed carriage logo and blue jewel on the bottom as well. Suck it Christian.

No Mariah Carey butterflies here...and we thank you

Traditional Cinderellie

A lil sparkle..and I love it

Hey now! Slow down girl

Needless to say these will be in our closets before the Louboutins and I'm sure our husbands and wallets will thank us. What say you? Which do you prefer?

Check out DSW.com after October 1 or try the stores too!

~ Karen


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Christmas Alert! What Girl Would'nt Want A Glammy Cinderella Doll?

While I realize my daughter may be past the age when she truly appreciates this doll - and she tends to be a bigger fan of the villains- I am all over it and considering adding it to my collection. Yes indeed I do have a  Barbie doll collection, complete with a Vera Wang Bride Barbie and a Limited Edition Ariel that will NEVER find its way on EBay.

I am high quality y'all

Pre-Order Limited Edition Cinderella Doll: 18''
It's all about the lashes. Words to live by

Available now for pre -order and hitting the shelves October 2, for the price of $99. To own a doll with lashes like that I'd pay it. I'm considering lash implants now as we speak just looking at her. Here's a few of the details from The Disney Store..

•Satin bodice covered with rhinestones

•Full peplum features layers of tulle and organza detailed with rhinestones

•Choker of ebony beads

•Opera gloves dotted with silver rhinestones

•Hair is accented with a glittering headband and gleaming hair clip

•Display stand included

•Plastic /polyester

•18'' H

•Ages 6+


•Includes Certificate of Authenticity

•Limited Edition of 5000

The two words " Limited Edition" will make her a must for collectors or for moms who don't mind a hundred dollar doll getting dragged around the house. She does look fantastic. Maybe Santa ( my mom) will bring her to me.

Check her out here

~ Karen

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey Is That Paul Blart? My Bad, It's Just A Nerd On a Segway At Epcot

If you've eyeballed the segways at Epcot before but never tried their existing tour then hold up...a new tour is starting in September entitled the "Keep Moving Forward: See the World, Share the Dream".

Included are segway riding lessons, since Disney is not stupid enough to just throw you out there and say " GO" , breakfast at Sunshine Seasons, a tour of World Showcase and a special pin for all you pin junkies. Give yourself three hours for the tour and bring $99 with you, if you're 16 or older.

I've never done any Segway tour before and prefer to just see the world and share the dream on my own two feet. The segway takes away my favorite part of touring the World Showcase, drinking along the way. Do they maybe come with cup holders?

If you want to learn more or to book a tour, please call (407) WDW-TOUR, but I bet you already knew that number by heart didn't you?

where's the cup holder for my margarita?

~ Karen


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jet Blue....Can you Make My Disney Dreams Come True?

I live in a little place called Worcester , Massachusetts. An hour away from Boston, it's got a little bit of everything . Parks, museums, great colleges, some notable restaurants, an airport....oh wait...scratch that airport part since what good is an airport with no airline.

Yes that's right, I live in a town with a fully functioning, abandoned airport. Last November I flew out of here with my family for a Disney vacation. I had heard horror stories about Direct Air -the previous airline-and was skeptical. The price and convenience were too good to pass up, so I booked my tickets, drove the 10 minutes to the airport and had the easiest flight ever. I praised the Worcester Airport swearing my allegiance to them and 5 months later Direct Air declared bankruptcy and the airport shut down. I did hear that Tom Hanks was up there shooting a movie though. That was sarcasm if you couldn't tell.

Every Disney vacation was planned in my mind out of Worcester, even though Jet Blue is my preferred airline. So imagine my excitement overload when  I read this week that Jet Blue CEO Dave Barger was coming to visit the ghost town for the second time this week!! Word on the street is that the deal revolves around the installation of a category 3 landing system at the airport.  Basically that means jazzing the airport up to Jet Blue standards and giving it the capability for planes to land in all types of weather. If it snowed up there in February and you had Direct Air tickets, you crossed your fingers and said a silent prayer.

This is news that , for a small town Disney freak like me, gives me butterflies of excitement. Imagine my fave airline ten minutes away, offering all the ease and convenience that Logan doesn't give me? I can also tell you I am not alone in feeling this. The people almost rioted around here when Direct Air said adios, so Jet Blue, if you are reading this ( please read this ) Worcester LOVES you. With service to Orlando you are guaranteed full planes every time. Everyone loves Mickey just as much as they love you.  Please help us make our airport more than a set from the Walking Dead.

Take us to Big Thunder Mountain Jet Blue!!!!!!!!!!

~ Karen

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No One Rocks A Fountain Like Gaston

Check out the video from Disney Parks showing new additions to Belle's Village. I feel so sneaky watching it like I'm peeking into a Christmas present before Christmas morning, which I have been known to do.

It looks amazing and to be honest it wouldn't be the same without Gaston. Add him to my our list of characters to stalk  and please take note of Lefou on the bottom. Classic.

 ~ Karen

Friday, August 10, 2012

Scan And Plan!- Epcot Food And Wine Festival QR Code

I love the Epcot Food and wine Festival , but sadly cannot go this year. There's a lot of Disney events I cant go to this year and thinking about them all makes me weepy. I'm not sure if scanning this QR code with all the details makes me feel better or worse. It's fun to check out the details, but now I feel like more of a loser for getting excited over things I won't get to do.

You can be a loser like me and scan to be jealous, OR  if you are lucky enough to go then scan and plan out all the awesome things you'll be doing. The new Italian Regional Food and Wine Luncheon sounds extra fantastic. You can find me crying into my wine at home instead.

Scan away and have fun...sniff sniff

Oh the torture
~ Karen

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Evil Stepsisters Unite!

Halloween is really just around the corner. I'm the type of gal who plans my daughters costume months in advance and yes they typically are Disney themed. I pay attention to all the details and spend more than any grown woman should on accessories, sparkles , shoes and the like. I haven't dressed up in years. Back in the day we used to have grown up parties but now we are all just all so lame. Davina and I have vowed though that if someone DOES decide to have a party and not be lame, we are ready to go. Better yet we imagine our next  girls trip to Disney in October and attending MNSSHP. We did it once before and didn't wear costumes. We've regretted it ever since.

Behold our costumes that we found on one of our favorite spots, Ebay. The price tags are high but since this is for an imaginary Halloween party we are sparing no expense.



These costumes look AMAZING! A seller on ebay who is a seamstress is selling them and I literally look at them every day. I just can't stop. I practice making stepsister faces in the mirror so I can achieve the look perfectly. I try to walk like them, talk like them and I'm pretty confident that I would be a fantastic stepsister. Put Davina next to me in her costume and you may as well hire us for Disney.We haven't decided who's who yet, but in the end it really doesn't matter. I'm willing to wear a wig if I have to. Check out the listings below.

The prices are a whopping $229 each at Buy it now, but like I said, my imaginary Halloween party spares no expense. If we do suddenly win a trip To WDW complete with Halloween party tickets, that baby is as good as mine....make evil stepsister face.



~ Karen

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, A Work Inspired Disney Etsy Collection

While Karen soaks up the summer rays on her vacation in Maine, I am getting settled into a new job.

I know, unfair. Right?

I forgot how hard it is to get settled-- usernames and passwords must be committed to memory, a new computer must be configured, and most importantly a new desk must be decorated. After my first full week, I have finally remembered most of my log-ins but my office space remains sparse. So I thought I would use this opportunity as an excuse to start decorating.

For your mouse: I currently have a lame mouse pad. It's gray and boring and needs an update. So why not trick out your mouse pad with a Haunted Mansion inspired design. $11.88

doom buggy not included
For your stuff: You know how in a new job you are carrying your phone, ID, wallet, bathroom key, etc. from meeting to meeting? I'm pretty sure it's not just me, and I found the perfect solution organize my business. Behold, a Peter Pan Inspired case perfect for those moments you just don't want to haul your pocket book around with you. $15.00

Following the leader, the leader, the leader...

For your Disney Countdown: Lets face it. We work so we can play. And everyone needs some motivation. Remind your colleagues how many days until you say "later suckers. I'm out" (wait, am I the only one who says that to my co-workers before going on vacation?) with this vintage Disney chalkboard.

My countdown would say "45 days bitches"
There are so many fun ways to make your office space less, well, "Office Space". Just don't touch my stapler, or I may burn this mother to the ground.



Monday, July 30, 2012

Check Your Settings, Then Buy This Disney App

Just what my children don't need is another app in their lives that 10 minutes after downloading will be sent to the cloud to collect cyber dust and yearn to be played with. I don't think they will however have a problem with Disney's newest app Pixel'd.

Check out my pixels yo

It's a pixel-art app where you create images, including using stamps of Disney characters from Mickey Mouse to Cars.You pop the pixels into place as you go and then share with your pals You can even connect via blue tooth or wifi and draw with said pal in real time. It comes with a decent amount of free Disney patterns but beware, you have to make a purchase to buy Cars or Princess pics. In other words TURN OFF IN APP PURCHASES! I learned the hard way once when my daughter was 6. The app is free right now so don't delay.

My kids are sampling this right now. So far no one has sighed and declared they are bored .

"Turn off your in app purchasessssssss"

~ Karen


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pass the CousCous - LeSportsac and Disney travel to Morocco

So if you haven't noticed, we have been on a major LeSportsac kick. This classic brand wove it's way into our hearts in the 80s and we just can't get enough of their latest Disney, It's A Small World collection.

Karen mentioned earlier in the week that the latest designs were out for Fall-- and we wanted to share some additional details (and more importantly, a great discount) on their latest release.

In the interest of full transparency, let me start by saying that the Morocco theme was NOT on on my best guess list. Though my dreams of becoming the next LeSportsac designer are shattered, I will gladly leave the design decisions to the experts since they clearly know what they are doing.

Pinks, purples, and tans fill the Fall pallet with floral accents and four varying graphical patterns to choose from. Basically, a little something for everyone.

Lets take a quick look at the collection. Caravan of Dreams (pictured below) is the season's graphic tote and features a young girl moving toward an oasis under the Moroccan sky.

Next up is an olive tree print called Saffron, Medina, and Morocco which may be my favorite from this collection. Couldn't you just imagine a carry-on bag in this print? I think I can... and so can my credit card.

The Moroccan Sun design continues the adventure and Wondrous Journey wraps up the ongoing tribute to the iconic Small World design elements we all know and love.

*insert wistful sigh here*

It's not an easy decision, I know. But to make it a little easier on the wallet, LeSportsac has a 15% off summer sale going on NOW. But only until July 29-- so get shopping (coupon code below). It's rare that they include the special collections in the discount so grab the deal while you can.

Happy Shopping!




Don't Be A Makeup Snob - Avon Loves Disney Too

I'll try all kinds of makeup as long as I'm sure it wont give me a rash of some sort. My favorites tend to be on the pricier side but I have ordered from Avon in the past with some mixed reviews. My 8 year old loves to flip through the catalog looking for "girly" things and don't you know she found some new Disney products that are super cute, and affordable. Start your Christmas shopping....NOW

Mickey rolling tote- $39.99. I won't cheat on you LeSportsac...I won't

Mickey Pendant Necklace- A steal at $5.99

Birthstone rings- $ 8.99 and so going in the stocking this year

Adorable Mickey head necklace another steal at $ 5.99

I hate paying shipping for anything, especially small items that a raven could deliver to my house. If you hate it too then use these codes for some free shipping. REPFLYER, FIRSTREP are good on any size order (a one time use code) and the code SPCART12 is good for free shipping on a $10 order.

Happy Avon Shopping!

~ Karen

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fall LeSportsac Disney Bags Arriving Soon! It's a Best Friends Must Have.

We've talked before about our love of the Disney inspired LeSportsac bags and even received a real beauty from them to review ( two girly bloggers...one bag...one sad girl with no bag) . Davina was the lucky winner of their gift since she's going to WDW in September and has a fabulous theme planned our for her bag.  We also took some guesses as to what the new collection might look at here

In the mean time check out some new pictures from the Fall line " A Wondrous Journey Under The Moroccan Sun" coming in August. August can't come soon enough!

Were our guesses close?

Are we obsessed with these bags? Yes...yes we are

~ Karen

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Friday Fun Day - Time to Give Stuff Away!

As mentioned yesterday in our crafty blog post, we are planning a give away <insert excited squeal here>. We do so love fun free things and we suspect that you do too. So with fun free things in mind, here is what you can win...

Cinderella Moleskine Notebook. This hand drawn original notebook was an Etsy find of ours a few months ago and we had to have it. But then when we got it, we realized we should really share it. It's very cute and all you need to do is follow the rafflecopter entry instructions below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!!!

~Davina & Karen


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Etsy Disney Finds - It's Craft-o-licious

It's about time for another Disney Etsy (and sometimes Ebay) round up. There are so many great original items out there for unique gifts, special occasions, or just because. This is just a small sampling to get you in the crafting groove.

1. For your work commute this Fall. If you live anywhere on earth, you are probably sweltering in the heat and not thinking about hats. Well before you know it, the temp will change and we will be looking for the perfect Fall hat. The crochet Mickey hat below comes in both adult and children sizes. I double dog dare you to rock this on your work commute. $15

my head is sweating just looking at this
2. For your next beach party. More summer appropriate is this super cute Mickey and the gang skirt made from bed sheets. You heard me. Bed Sheets!!!! I am now wishing I saved my Little Mermaid sheets as they would have made a killer sarong. $45

sheet skirt. not to be confused with bath towel tank top
3. For the office. I love office supplies. But I love them more when they are super cool with a Disney theme. Check out these retro comic book pencils. Almost too cute for actual use. At $11.60 for 5 you can save them to write down important Disney-only notes.

No, I will not lend you one of these. 

4. For the wall. I see this vintage monorail poster hanging in the family room, office, or kids room. It's cute. It's retro. It's only $5.95

What the future used to look like

If you missed our last crafty round up, you can find it here. It was a special "crafty brides" edition and should not be missed.

*special note* And finally, we really want to do another give-away. This time for the Cinderella notebook that we found on Etsy a few months ago (see picture below). Turns out, we were the very first customer for this aspiring artist/ Etsy merchant! She even tweeted how sad she was to see the notebook go. Just goes to show how much heart goes into some of these pieces and it's why we love this little showcase. Just try to find that amount of merchandise pride at Target.

Check back tomorrow for our giveaway. Word.


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