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Friday, June 29, 2012

Small World LeSportsac - Best Guesses for Fall Designs

My obsession with the Small World LeSportsac collection (available at www.lesportsac.com) continues and I am officially unable to save the one pictured below for my Disney vacation in September. How can something so cute sit in a closet just waiting? Answer: it doesn't.

Love you. Must use you.

The BFFs have it on good authority that the designs for the Fall Small World collection are going to be announced soon. Which not only makes me giddy but I am also crazy curious. We do know is that the collection includes five seasonal deliveries, each inspired by a specific country (Tahiti was the country for summer 2012) but I thought I might make some wild guesses/suggestions on the upcoming design patterns.

The burnt colors of Latin America would be a
nice pattern for Fall. I'm thinking carry-on bag?

What could be better than the pure whites
for the holiday season?
We will keep you posted on the new designs as they become available. But while we wait, we would love to hear from you what patterns you would like to see on upcoming releases. Leave us a comment. Don't be shy.



It's Not MAC, But It's Just As Bad...And By Bad I Mean Good. Another Bad Girl Makeup Collection You'll Love

Villians always get a bad rap but at least they can say " Girl I look fine doin bad". MAC showed us before with their Venomous Villain collection that they were right and now The Disney Store is prepared to show us the same with their exclusive  Disney Villian Designer Collection.

This September, Disney will be releasing a special edition makeup collection consisting of eyeshadows, nail varnishes, lip glosses and more. If you're up for it you can also grab a coordinating limited edition Villian doll to go with it, but I bet those will go real quick at only 13,000 available.

eye shadow set. Look fantastic

Shiny lips

Every Villianess needs a good mirror

These dolls look amazing. Is it wrong for a 39 year old to want them?

The makeup collection starts at about $14 and is at Disneystore.com  in August and in stores September. Don't say I didnt warn you darlings.

Disney T Shirts -- Going Beyond the Classic Mickey T

I'm cleaning out my closet in preparation to move to a new house. As I dig through my clothes I have realized that I have a serious Disney t-shirt addiction.

I can't be the only one, so I thought I would share some of my favs.

Now I just need to decide which one to wear...

When I want to go retro - including ringer sleeves

When I feel like a princess

Back. Poncho not included.
To be worn with Lapu Lapu in hand

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finally I Can Trust My Children With Their iPods, And They Look Cute Doing It

I'm ever fearful of my kids toting around their iPod touch or iPods, thinking that at any moment the big smash will happen , followed by many tears and wailing. They want to listen to their music, I want to prevent a disaster. Have no fear fellow worry warts! I just found these super cute Disney iHome Portable Stereo Speaker Systems. Of course they're Disney themed...did you expect anything elses? We've already got ours picked out.

The official description:

Disney Loves iHome Portable Water-Resistant Stereo Speaker System can be used with all MP3 Players. Take your music anywhere with this tough, lightweight, water-resistant speaker case. Made with a kid-friendly design to last. Built-in line-in cable plays music from any source with a headphone jack including: iPod®, MP3 Players & cell phones. Features two headphone jacks. Premium stereo speakers provide great sound. Zippered enclosure includes handle. Requires four AA batteries (not included). Imported.

Designs include Minnie. Jack Skellington, Kermit and Perry. I love them all and they can be yours for about $39.99. Bed Bath and Beyond has them in stock as does Best Buy ( for $10 more- jerks).

Disney Loves iHome Portable Water-Resistant Stereo Speaker System - Phineas & Ferb
Yes, it's Perry again

~ Karen

Friday, June 22, 2012

Crazy Shirts - Perfect For The Tween Boy Who Loves Disney And His Mama, But Keeps It On The Down Low

My son is at an age now where certain Disney inspired t-shirts cause him to recoil slightly and murmur " mom I can't wear that" while I'm sitting there clapping my hands together like Mrs. Klump telling him how adorable he looks. I get it, he's 11 and I can't have him sporting a Mickey tee with "THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH" in sparkly letters. Nor can I have him grow up so fast that a shirt from his favorite place on earth be contraband forever. He's got to represent when we take our trips there, so what to do.

I just found Crazy Shirts while searching for some newer, less " babyish" ( his words ) Disney tees. Here's their " About Us"

Since the early 60’s, Crazy Shirts has seen the islands change from sleepy to sleek, to isolated and up-to-date. Our little company has grown from one grass shack in Waikiki to a diverse group of 41 unique shops that span the globe. You can find our original T-shirts in your favorite vacation getaways from Hawaii to Florida, in our catalog store and on the World Wide Web.

More than just a summer fad, Crazy Shirts has ridden the wave of success for over 40 years. We continue to honor our island roots as we reach out to new markets around the world. Today you'll still find our flagship store anchoring International Market Place. We're making new friends everywhere we go whether it’s in Hawaii or across the Mainland in Las Vegas, California, South Carolina or Florida

This is a keeper for my son. Perry + the ocean = Love
Shirts range from $18 to $23 for kids and higher for adults shirts. If you have a tween girl then never fear, this site will have shirts for her as well. I plan on buying the Perry shirt above for a secret trip we have planned for next year. It's perfect for WDW or Hawaii, if you're lucky enough to make it there.    ** Whisper...my children don't know we're going to Hawaii!!**  end whisper.

Check out the entire collection below , and I'll let you know when the shirt arrives and the kind of reaction I got from it. Hopefully it doesn't involve eye rolling and a sigh followed by " mommmmm"
I'm pretty sure it won't.


Me likey

~ Karen

Thursday, June 21, 2012

" I Smell Liquor" ! - Another Unexpected Character Photo...Or Was I Hallucinating?

If you read our posts then you've surely heard us mention our love of character photo opps. Yes our children are usually involved , but what we love even more is when it involves us and ridiculousness.
Case in point below

Seriously...just look at his face

This poor pirate form the Pirate Cruise had the misfortune of docking exactly as our intoxicated party left California Grill after a night of celebrating. We weren't driving so never fear. Another bonus of staying on property.

As we approached him for a photo he looked at us, almost with the same look on his face as above and said in his piratey voice - this is a direct quote I will never forget- " I smellllll Liquor" !

I love him and always will. In our frenzy to get a shot with him, we missed our boat returning to Wilderness Lodge. Davina and I swear the people on board cheered as they pulled away without us.

~ Karen

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crafty Give Away - Or, A Shameless Plea for Twitter Followers

Everyone loves free. And who doesn't love crafts (except my husband)? Which is why we are excited to be giving away one of our crafty Wednesday finds to a random twitter follower. 

Here is the prize:

Minnie Mouse phone charm. This super cute minnie cheerleader charm could be dangling from your phone.

Here are the rules we just made up:

Our goal (because we want something from this too-- nothing is ever free) is increasing twitter follows. So we would love you to follow us at @bestfriendguide. Once you do, leave a comment below with your twitter handle. If you already follow us, leave a comment below saying you already follow (thank you, BTW) and leave your twitter handle so we can verify (not that we don't believe you or anything)

Next Wednesday we will randomly draw a name out of a hat, or throw a dart at a list, or spin around and whack at a piñata. Let us worry about that part. Your part is easy peasy. 

~Happy following
Davina & Karen

*note* Just in case you are thinking, "well, I have an IPhone and there is no place to put a charm". Here is a handy tutorial for you. 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Girls Got To Coordinate Right? D- Tech Phone Cases Are No Exception

I swap out my cell phone cases like they are socks and with the prices of most cases ,that can be an expensive habit. I'm positive my habit will only become worse with these new cases being released this Summer from D-Tech, the electronic accessories line at Disney parks.

From the Disney Parks Blog:

“When D-Tech was introduced in November 2010, we started with covers for iPhones,” explained Kevin-Michael. “The iPhone offers two different forms, whereas there are a plethora of Android phones that currently exist. We designed the Android covers based on the five most popular phones in the marketplace.”

So if you have the HTC Droid Incredible 2, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Infuse 4G or  the Motorola Atrix 4G you are in luck and can pick yourself out a swanky new case from some of the choices below!

Not for iPhone

If you're an iPhone user then here's some great new choices for you. Your iPhone will thank you.

This Low n Slow one may be my  next purchase

~ Karen

Friday, June 15, 2012

Crafty Wednesday (or Friday) - For the Disney Bride

It's Friday and I was supposed to get this up on Wednesday. So lets just say it's "Wedfriday". Besides, crafts don't care what day of the week it is. They are crafty all week long.

Here's goes my Disney Bride inspired finds...

I got married at Disney (see part one of my wedding below if you don't believe me). I feel like I say that a lot and to a whole mix of reactions. There is a "wow" -- as in "wow, that is really weird". There is the "WOW!" -- as in "WOW! I am so jealous I didn't think of it." And everything in between.

No matter the reaction, I know it was an awesome decision and for any future Disney bride, ignore the haters. Let your Disney Bride flag fly. Some crafty finds to help you make your special day even more... well, special.

For your shoes: Sparking Mickey "I DO" stickers for the sole of your shoes ($6.99). In case you can't say it loud enough, you can just kick up your heels. There are loads of colors to chose from but I think the subtle silver sparkles are nice.

A cheat sheet just in case you forget your line.

For your wall: Never forget your anniversary date with a Mickey inspired anniversary date wall art. ($10.00 - cheap because its a digital file, nothing is printed. You get the file and have it printed someplace else)

Great. Now I want a cupcake. Thanks Jeff and Nicole.

For the Wedding Guests: You know you need wedding favors, but you also need something to put those favors in. These "Happily Ever After" bags might be cooler than the actual favor inside ($22.00 for 20)

Who cares about the votive holder. This bag is a keeper.
Happy Wedding Planning! Just don't forget to invite us.



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Swarovski Disney Collection. Who Has $300 To Lend Me?

Love at first sight

Whatever you do DO NOT let my daughter see this figurine. It may be the cutest thing I have ever seen and I want it. Swarovski has a Spring/ Summer Disney collection just chock full of little beauties like this. Now just one small problem...I can't afford it!

From the Swarovski site they state that" Swarovski and Disney are synonymous with magic and enchantment. Their collaborations are a successful blend of Disney’s icons and Swarovski’s unique crystal. The Spring/Summer 2012 collection once again unveils an eye-catching interpretation of Disney’s universe. A creative twist and strong sense of fashion are certain to attract admirers of Disney as well as crystal fans. The collection explores the dark and edgy as well as the positive vibes of the beloved and charming Disney legendary characters."

As always those wicked villains get a shout out, as they should, with a Heart Sword set from Snow White

So pretty

The Heart Chain set from Sleeping Beauty

Those are some serious earrings
And for the Mickey purists these adorable pendants


If you would like to donate to the " Get Karen A Crystal Stitch Statue just because she's fantastic" fund please leave a comment below. Or better yet just go to the site and check it our yourself. I cry looking at it sparkly cuteness.


~ Karen

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aloha AND a Dole Whip = The Perfect T-Shirt

I'm not sure what my closet would look like without T-Shirts. Probably empty. And I found another addition for my next trip. This is kind of the "perfect storm" of a shirt. Hawaii reference, retro Disney font, AND a giant Dole Whip. Yes please.

I will find you.
Check out the latest preview of Disney merchandise from the official Disney blog.



Bibbidi Bobbidi Bust Out Your Wallet

The "triple B" really needs no introduction, but in an attempt to make your little girls beg, plead, squeak and squeal more, they've added a new package called The Courtyard Package, or, as my husband would call it-- The Budget Buster.

The Courtyard Package is $85.95 and includes shimmering makeup, nails, an exclusive courtyard hair style, princess sash, face gems, princess cinch bag, and a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique t-shirt and tutu. Note that the t-shirt sizes are youth small-XL and adult sizes small-XL and the tutus are available in two sizes small and medium.

I've done BBB with my daughter twice and last year we rebelled and tried the Pirates League instead. She likes both but both claims the Pirate League is her new favorite. I think it's because the older she gets, the sassier she gets-- and when I say sassy I really mean bossy, opinionated, loud and far too daring for my liking. A pirate seems a good match.

Either place you choose you can't go wrong. They both made her feel special and she walked out looking super Disney cute. The eyeliner at Pirates League lasted for 4 days. For $29.99 that's a bargain right?


Our first trip to BBB. Brings nostalgic tears to my eyes. Note to you all- Hope you get Lakshmi, Emma's "Fairy Godmother". Attentive and a detail freak, she made her look perfect and took her time. No in and out quick with her. I saw her there for Emma's second visit two years later and quickly texted Davina "LAKSHMI IS HERE". Her response..." SHUT UP, NO SHE'S NOT!"  She's our Disney celebrity now.

~ Karen

Monday, June 11, 2012

Disney's Junk Food Crackdown - So Pass Me the Pop Corners

Disney would like you to PUT THE HO HOs DOWN! Their standards for advertising has changed with their recent campaign to reduce the amount of crap we (and our children) are encouraged to eat.

The new campaign includes:
  • Banning all food and beverage products advertised, sponsored or promoted on the Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Radio Disney and Disney-owned online destinations intended for children 12 and under that do not fit certain nutritional standards by 2015 
  • Reducing the amount of sodium by 25 percent in children's meals served at their theme parks
  • Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables sold in U.S. theme parks to 350 of 400 food venues by 2013 
  • Creating public service announcements promoting exercise for kids and healthy eating habits 
  • Using the Mickey Check logo on Disney-licensed food products that meet criteria for limited calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar by 2012
Look, I'm all for it. I'm a girl on a never-ending diet and it stinks. And, overall, we (the collective universe of "we") eat way too much. But Karen and I were thinking it would be nice to share some snacking food you can feel (somewhat) good about. 

Monday snack of the week: POPCORNERS

I dig you, triangle popcorn
I discovered these at a playdate for my son. Like popcorn without the annoying kernels in your teeth. And it's a triangle which kind of feels like a Dorito. Twenty-three chips per serving is not so shabby-- you can at least have that "I stuffed a whole lot in my mouth" feeling. I've not yet tried all the flavors, so pick your poison, but they run from basic Butter to Cheesy Jalapeño 

Popcorners - I may just eat the whole bag-- or share with two invisible friends.
That's over double what you get in a Dorito serving (11 chips per serving-- seriously. Who can stick with just 11?)

I'm thinking this is a good bet for the next flight to Florida. I may even carry a bag around the park with me for between dining plan snacks. Just don't ask me to give up my DisneyWorld popcorn, cuz that ain't happening.

Happy snacking~


Friday, June 8, 2012

Swampys Gonna Be Maaaad. Perry Takes Over Where's My Water

Shifty eyes...insert Agent P. song here

I am not the tech girl, so writing this makes me nervous. Such technical terms make my head spin and iOS becomes "Karen is an aSS" and then my computer freezes and blah, blah, blah. I am however the Phineas and Ferb girl so here goes. Please forgive me geeks (Brian) if I offend.

Disney Mobile has announced the upcoming release of Where’s My Perry?, a new mobile game arriving for iOS in late June. If you've got  Where’s My Water? for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, then you know the drill, only this time you've got to help Perry out. Agent P needs to get to the O.W.C.A headquarters but gets all kinds of bamboozled along the way. You've got to help him out by guiding the water and along the way you may see Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Major Monogram.

Available later this month for $.99 in the App store. I will be getting this as I desperately feel the need to help Perry after seeing his face in the image below

What the hell?

~ Karen- A tech-nerd in training


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thor Lays the Hammer Bling Ring Down

When I think of the Avengers merchandise I think of  boys stocking up on Iron Man masks, fake Hulk fists, and plastic Thor hammers.  And frankly, I feel a little left out.

I just saw The Avengers last week and I found myself regularly leaning over to my husband whispering, "I think Hawkeye is hot, who's your favorite". He would respond with an exasperated, "There is only one woman so it's not a fun game for me."

In any event, I really enjoyed the movie (see our 11-year-old boy review) and since I am not in the habit of collecting action figures, I was hoping for some girl-friendly Avengers merchandise.

Behold, the 1928 collection of Marvel Comics inspired jewelry. I will forgive their lack of Hawkeye in the collection since there are some cute substitutes.

Some of my favs from the collection:

A bling bling Thor Hammer ring ($22) - I imagine wearing this in the mall where a 10 year old boy will stop me, point to the ring, and nod knowingly. We bump fists and he heads into Game Stop and I continue on to J Crew.
I'm Thor! With Sparkles!

How about busting out some double terrycloth Captain America wristbands the next time you visit the gym ($10)? These bad boys are sure to keep the workout moving, or at the very least, make you the coolest kid in the spin class. Shield not included.

Hawkeye makes a girl need to dab her brow. Lawdy.

You can check out the entire collection at the 1928 website.


I Want To Be A Fairy..And GOOD GOD NOW I CAN!!

I may be 39 years old but if there's one thing I love it's sparkles. Sparkly makeup with the word fairy in it has me swooning and fanning myself. Not for kids but for GROWNUPS - like me- is the Pixi Beauty line of cosmetics available on line and at Target. This is not your mamas Target makeup , as it looks like a high quality brand found in department stores that I love to get glammied at.

Pixi Beauty offers a “regular” line of cosmetics, and the PixiGlow line is a part of its larger collection.

Seriously, how cute is all this stuff?

The Fairy Face Palette is A whole face in a case - 5 eye colours, 3-colour blush palette, 5 lip creams  and duo eye applicator, blush brush, duo lip applicator. For $34 it can be yours and you KNOW it's gonna be mine

There's a Catching Shadows eye crayon for luminous pixi eyes - $18.00

A " Straight On Till Morning" ( sigh ) liner- $15

Magic Tink Tint- Super-moisturizing tinting lip balm that goes on clear and turns into a pink tone . For the name alone it's a must- $16.00

PixiGlow Nail Color - $8.00

And yes....there is Fairy Dust - $14.00

Honestly I don't know how it took me this long to discover this makeup but here's hoping that it won't take you as long. Every lady deep down wants to fly with fairies and sparkle luminously. Maybe the next time we run into Peter Pan, he'll ask us to hang out with him more.


~ Karen

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When I Say "Glue Gun" You Say "Craft"

Word up. It's Crafty Wednesday (Disney style) round-up time. Which can only mean one thing - my husband ignores this post and waits for a new post about Disney technology. Oh, and some of the baddest Disney crafts from around the craft-o-phere are directly below.

For the lady (or lad) in the kitchen: How about an Alice In Wonderland inspired apron? Just don't even think about cooking rabbit. - $30

I'm late. I'm late. for a very important dinner date 

For the family room: Made from men's shirts, this set of three tropical pillow cases will surely inspire some Disney dreaming.  - $145 (expensive, but pillow cases always seem to be costly)

Aloha from the couch.

For the next trip to Disney: Never lose sight of your luggage again with this Buzz Lightyear inspired Leather Luggage Tag -  $20

For all you Space Rangers

And a special announcement, we will be having a give-away for one of our Etsy finds last week. The Minnie Mouse IPhone charm will be up for grabs as we shamelessly request more twitter followers and blog readers. More info coming soon, so keep your eyes open!

Happy Bedazzling


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Calling all Nerds. Smile, You're on Epcot Web Cam!

So it always bums me out that there is no live stream at the Disney parks. I would be content watching people wait on line for Thunder Mountain, or a live view of the fountain near Innovations. Hell, I would be happy watching the paint dry on a park bench next to Spaceship Earth. Anything.

can someone make this a live view? 
That's why I am hoping that Epcot's announcement of free WiFi in their Rose Garden area will attract some nerds with streaming abilities. Just set up shop and point it at anything. I really am not picky. I just need a non-static visual fix.

And yes, I know that Eyes on Ears can have some great options. But I have yet to see a consistent park stream and that, my friends, would be this Disney nerds dream. We are not heading there until September, so we can't make this happen for ya'll. But let us know if you (or someone you know) is on board.

We'll be watching. Always watching.

Free Wi Fi availability during the Brave Highland Games set-up... Still waiting to see if the Wi Fi is carried over into other park areas going forward. Fingers crossed. 

Dates: June 1, 2012 through July 8, 2012
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily
Location: Epcot Rose Garden area at the entrance to World Showcase



A Review Of The Swan And Dolphin...Plus a Deep Thought By Stitch.

The Disney girls trip of choice is typically The Swan and Dolphin. I'm fortunate enough to have a bestie with a Disney vacation club membership AND a Westin timeshare. Family time is used by the DVC and girls time is Westin. Luckily don't you know that The Swan and Dolphin is a Westin owned hotel so it's a no brainer that that's where we stay. Close to Epcot and HS, walking distance to the Boardwalk, firework views and great food all in our grasp. Yes, we are deprived the magical express but we deal, then move on. Mears is our friend.

Our first trip we stayed in The Dolphin and had a fantastic view of Epcot similar to this

I wish I took this picture, but did not. I swear though..we had this view

The next trip we moved to The Swan , but we're fixin on asking for The Dolphin again next trip. It's bigger with more choices for food, but overall both buildings are great. Each has a conference feel to them but I can't imagine doing girls weekend anywhere else. The hotel also has a fabulous spa, Mandara and we both had killer massages. The inside of the Mandara itself is gorgeous and rivals any other around. It was peaceful and completely relaxing after a day spent hoofing around the parks

Spa time = yes please

Still a great view from The Swan .

courtyard view below..we tore it up there one night after dinner at California Grill

one of the advantages of walking to Epcot

The ladies enjoy pool time

Lil grotto behind us

Nana bought some gift shop glasses

Heavenly beds y'all...but wait . What's missing?

Oh damn..there you are Stitch!  Even he can't resist the powers of the heavenly bed.

Swan and Dolphin, The BF's are coming for you soon , so be ready. I'm pretty sure that our furry blue guru will also be there with us , divulging words of wisdom and looking for mai tais

~ Karen

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