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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is Disney World just for kids? Oh hellllllllll no!

When Davina got engaged and started her quest for the perfect, low key destination wedding I crossed my fingers, rubbed Buddhas belly for luck and prayed to the Mouse gods that Disney World would somehow end up on her short list of options. Well don't you know that her quest for a tropical setting would lead her , and me, right up to the doors of the Polynesian Resort. Buddha...many thanks.

Once her decision was made of where to have her wedding at the beautiful Poly this naturally called for a girls trip. When I say girls trip I don't mean a caravan of biddies trying to get their groove back, I mean just Davina and me..really you don't need more than just your bestie. Because the wedding was going to be miles from our Massachusetts homes we decided that of course we had to go check out the hotel rooms and possible restaurants for a reception dinner. We absolutely had to stand in the spot where the ceremony would be. While we're their why not check out the spas and salons too? And no trip would be complete without riding all the rides as well. This was right after Pirates of the Caribbean was refurbished and the animatronic Captain Jack was put in. Oh did we ride that more then just a few times..

So much planning so little time.

But really this first "girls only" trip to Disney would pave the way for more and create some memories that will last forever. There are a multitude of "grown up" activities at Disney World so don't write it off for your next girls trip. We of course did the parks and rode all of our favorites because really no trip is complete without it. We also checked out the Spa at the Swan and Dolphin. Ahhhh...massages and me time. Lounging by the pool with a few tropical drinks before getting ourselves ready for a FANTASTIC dinner at California Grill. Our server was phenomenal and I think just a wee bit happy to encounter 2 girls without kids who wanted to drink some fine wine. Is there really any better way to end your day than watching the fireworks from the observation deck there with a glass of champagne? The answer would be no.

California Grill would become the place for Davina's post-wedding dinner. Because of our wonderful experience there it's now our favorite restaurant to go to and we plan a visit each girls trip. Husbands are also allowed to tag along too.

The long and short of it is Disney World is not just for kids or families..but for friends looking to get together, reconnect, relax, revel in feeling like a kid again, and in our case plan what would be the best day of ones life. Thanks for letting me be a part of it all D. Girls trip 2011 coming soon!

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