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Friday, April 23, 2010

Vogue Letter to the Editor

The most recent issue of Vogue (May 2010) had an article on premature babies. The author discussed her experiences with her premature daughter and the comfort it gave her to dress her small daughter in outfits outside of the standard hospital wear. 

Having just given birth to a preemie, I really related to this article and was compelled to write a letter to the editor  (and besides, a Letter to the Editor may be my only chance to be within the pages of Vogue). 

I'll be sure and update this post with the article I referenced (if I can find it) and any updates if Vogue decides to use it. 


(Response to the article Small Wonders)
I started reading Veronica Chambers article Small Wonder hesitantly. I could not help but wonder how on earth commentary on premature babies would fit in the pages of Vogue. Having just had a premature baby 6 weeks ago, I am hyper-sensitive to the emotional rollercoaster a premature baby can bring into a new parent’s life. Thankfully the author’s tone was just right.

One thing a parent of a healthy, full term baby cannot understand is what it feels like to be a helpless outsider to your newborns care. You watch as a team of nurses and doctors take care of everything.  Sleepless nights and 3AM feedings are replaced with a closely placed telephone and the NICU’s phone number nearby.

It was because of this helpless feeling that I brought my small son a striped beanie hat to wear while in the NICU. The hat was too big for his head but I stuck it on him anyway. It was a small statement in a huge situation. This was my son. This was his hat and I, as his mother, felt slightly less helpless.


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