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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Go Green... and red, and blue, and black....

Expand your home recycle program beyond plastic and paper and start collecting those old crayons. You know the ones... they can be found underneath a couch cushion, in the backseat of your car, maybe even in your pocket or pocketbook?

The National Crayon Recycle Program will take those odd bits and pieces and melt them down to make brand new ones. If you're crafty you can do the same (how to melt down crayons). Or if you're lazy like me, you can just buy the ones someone has melted and shaped for you.

I recommend Eco Stars from Miss Brittany: http://organicfundough.com/item_7/Eco-Stars-Recycled-Crayons.htm

For $8.95 you get a box of star shaped crayons. Perfect for small hands and the five points are like 5 crayons in one.


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  1. Or you could buy the device crayola sells for like $20 and do it yourself.


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