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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Just felt like running....

Well couch to 5K and I are still friends though our relationship has it's rocky moments. I am currently on week 3 and doing good. As I stated in my previous post

because of birthin babies my sciatic nerve is a hit or miss mess, so if I have a day where I can't run...I cant' run, but overall it's been cooperative.

I have to say that I totally prefer running on the treadmill over the neighborhood jog. The times have run outdoors I've returned home so red and sweaty that it looked like I got a sunburn and someone poured water over my head. Realistically though, any 5K I run will be outdoors, not in the comfort of my airconditioned gym, so outdoors I go.

If you see a sweaty redhead running, please stop and give me a ride home

~ Karen

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