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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Twicon Countdown- Oh it's on!

I can no longer contain my nerdy excitement... just 31 more days until the Twilight Convention in Boston! I've been putting off posting about this for fear of actually telling Davina I was going. Alas, she does not share the love of Twilight and all things Edward as I do. It could be the one thing we actually disagree on.

The convention is for 3 days but I am only going on Sunday. No Volturi Vampire Ball for me...a nerd has to draw the line somewhere. Sunday will be enough though as it's the day that Kellan Lutz (Emmett) will be there for a private meet and greet. No Rob, *sigh* so he will have to do. Yes it does cost extra and yes I am all over him.. or rather it. A special shout out to Bootsie for the birthday gift of Emmett love.

More details to follow after the convention and of course some photos of me and Emmett. For this reason alone I must lose 10 pounds.

~ Karen


  1. Are you meeting up with your posse of 12 year olds at Forever 21 beforehand?

    I kid.

    I want to go to Harry Potter World, so my 12 year old allegiance is also strong. I just prefer wizards over vampires and I don't really want to make out with any of them.

  2. Twicon? Whycon!

  3. You do realize that anonymous is just Brian.

  4. anonymous no more!
    Comment on the candle sucka


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