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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Disney Facebooking brides..read on

If you are currently on Facebook and “like” the Disney fairytale wedding site then here’s a new update for you. Naturally if your not getting married there any time soon then you can ignore me.

This past week they have added a new interactive feature for future brides that you can access by clicking on the "Create a Site" tab on the top of the page. When there you can customize your own page and allow all friends and family , Facebookers or not, to stay up to date on all your wedding details. Share photos and keep all guests up to date on any potential park or wedding changes. It also is a fun way to ask opinions on anything from the dress to the food.

Facebook is known for their fun questions and polls, so create your own for your wedding guests. You can even keep everyone up to date on who’s RSVP’d and after the wedding is over keep the fun going with honeymoon photos. Remember to use this you must first “like” the Disney page then you can create away.

My big question is where was this when I was workin my planning magic for Davina? I like a good poll or two. We could have polled each other on who drank the most wine at California Grill after her ceremony. It may have been a tie.
~ Karen

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