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Monday, August 23, 2010

Hemingway and Talbots go to Paris.

News on the fashion front is that Talbots is running a contest for the less verbose. In 6 words (or less if you are so inclined) submit a story about your fav pair of jeans. If you win, you and three friends will head off to Paris with some Talbots outfits in your carry-on.

Hemingway inspired the clothing store's contest (which I am sure is what he meant to do when he wrote Old Man and the Sea). Apparently he felt that any story could be told in six words. Not sure if he thought denim would ever be the topic, but hey I am sure even Ernest could appreciate a good boot cut.

So put on your thinking caps and start composing. Just keep it simple and short and you'll be fine.

If you win, you must take me. (damn, that's 7 words)
Take me if you win sucker.  (much better)

Enter the contest here oui oui (I can't stop)


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