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Monday, September 27, 2010

One point tip of the day- I should take my own advice

As I get ready to depart on my free trip that I won- yes I am a winner- to Disney World, I leave you with a one point tip of the week. I am positive that I will not be following my own advice as those delicious mickey ice cream bars are at least the points for 2 days. I will try to convince myself that all the walking I will be doing cancels it out, but seriously...who am I kidding.

My one point tip is a super yummy cocolate pretzel blast mini treat bar made by WW. I bought them at a meeting site for $5.00. That was the sale price. There was a good amount in the box and it did hit the chocolate spot nicely. They were like a mini watchamacalit - old school candy reference.


~ Karen

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