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Monday, October 11, 2010

The sweepstakes queen first winning trip recap- fevers, gross food and all

Well my first winning sweepstakes trip is but a distant memory. The family and I had 5 great days that went by much too quickly and of course had it's ups and downs. It started with my 9 year old getting a fever right as we were heading to the airport. The boy who never gets sick got SICK. Strep throat followed...needless to say this was not his greatest trip but being the Disney trooper that he is he never complained and tried to enjoy everything as much as he could. The 6 year old wild one did'nt stop for a second. Typical girl..

Pool off property

The trip included passes for WDW , airfare ( for 2 ) 3 nights accomodations off property and all our transportation. The hotel was nice enough and very spacious , but being the Disney snob that I am all I could wish for was Saturday when we were checking into the Wilderness lodge on our own dime. My husband , who needed to be convinced to switch hotels, woke me up at 5:30 a.m whispering " I'm too excited to sleep..I just want to get to the Wilderness Lodge." I have raised him well.

Home sweet Home

All the events planned by the contest were great -for the most part- and we did break the worlds record for making the biggest smiley face. The people we met along the way were all so nice and just as excited as us to be there. Afterwards there was a brunch where my husband became BFF's with Joey Fatone.


That night however is a part of my life I would like to block forever. They took us all to a farewell diner at the Pirate Adventure dinner show. Just walking into the building made me nauseous and as soon as I saw the food I knew why. I apologize to anyone who is fond of these dinner shows but they are just not for me. Bad acting, horrific food slopped onto your plate off a serving cart and a nasty smell from the arena. My son even leaned over to me and said " mom these are the worst chicken nuggets". I advised my entire family to not eat anything and they were more than happy to listen. I have no pictures to post..the less I remember the better I am.

Obviously the best parts of the trip were our times at the parks and of course our one lone night on property. My son even got to raise the flag at the Wilderness Lodge the next morning. It just goes to show you that it is worth every dime and having a BF with a Disney Vacation club is even better. We have now promised to pay her for point usage ( 2012 ) as we can never stray far from property again. A Disney pimp if you will...

So I have started entering more contest again but will be mindful of entering those for off property hotel . A house off property is one thing, a hotel is another. Again, I apologize if you like these hotels, I am just far too much of a princess.

~ Karen


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  1. UM and is that Melissa Rycroft? Is Joey Fatone going to be at the WWW?


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