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Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Give Away - Ho Ho Ho

Holiday madness is here. Now that your Visa has been getting a work-out why not win something for free?

Trace Designs has been kind enough to share some of her cool trinkets. The drop onxy earrings pictured can be yours if you do one of the following:

1. Follow our blog and leave a comment on how much you love the earrings. We want the love.
2. Follow our twitter feed at @bestfriendguide (if you already follow us on twitter-- simply follow the blog)

Of course we will love you forever if you re-tweet or share this post on your book of faces. It may not win you the earings, but certainly will make you our new fav peeps.

Our contest ends 12/17 so get following. On Friday at the end of the day we will announce the winner and contact you for your snail mail address.


  1. love these earrings and love the lady who makes the earrings!

  2. love the earrings and would love to win them! I am now following your fun blog. thanks!

  3. Love these earrings! Tracy has some amazing stuff!!

  4. All I want for Christmas is a pair of Drop Onyx Earrings! My husband won't be getting me any because he decided to buy a flat screen TV! So I would love to sit in front of his new TV with my new earrings so he can wonder who bought me such a beautiful gift!! Don't know what the sam hell an URL is so I must go anonymous!

    But my name is Kirsten!!


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