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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Splash Mountain - Closed for Maintenance in January FAIL

What the what Splash Mountain? Am I not supposed to go on you ever again? Last year you were closed for refurbishment. And guess what, this year you are as well.

Here is the official reason why:

Splash Mountain will be closing for refurbishment in early 2011 from January 3 2011 to January 31 2011. This refurbishment may see the installation of the lap bars that have been in design for some time now.

Is it me? Or is it that the only times I get to ride the mother of all flumes is when Karen and I are in attendance together? Lap bars are for suckers.

Fingers crossed for next year. Boo.

Epic Ride Photo

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  1. That's what you get for going without me. It's just a sign that we must ride together in 2012 or else... Nothing says turning 40 like riding splash ountain with your best friend. Thats a hint


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