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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Disney Couture Jewelry Icon Collection. Go from Ball To Brawl.

Always on the lookout for fashionable Disney items, we came across these baubles from Disney Couture. The line is called Icon and the pieces are already hard to find . Ebay seems to be the best bet, though you're sure to be paying more that way.

The Dream bracelet is super cute, and I'm always a sucker for Tinkerbell. The 3D castle ring though looks good if you're planning on a bar fight and need to take a girl down, while looking magical

Disney Couture 'Dream' Woven Bracelet in Pink
"Dream" woven bracelet in pink

Disney Couture 'Believe' Necklace with Tinkerbell Charm
"Believe" necklace with Tink charm

Disney Couture Set of Three Slogan Bangles with Tinkerbell Charms
Set of 3 bangles with Tinkerbell charms

Disney Couture Set of 3D Cinderella Scene Rings
Stackable 3D Cinderella scene rings

Disney Couture Tinkerbell Necklace
Tinkerbell necklace

Disney Couture 3D Magic Castle Ring
3D Castle ring

Disney Couture Cinderella Scene Bangle, £66.95
Cinderella scene bangle

~ Karen

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