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Friday, June 29, 2012

Small World LeSportsac - Best Guesses for Fall Designs

My obsession with the Small World LeSportsac collection (available at www.lesportsac.com) continues and I am officially unable to save the one pictured below for my Disney vacation in September. How can something so cute sit in a closet just waiting? Answer: it doesn't.

Love you. Must use you.

The BFFs have it on good authority that the designs for the Fall Small World collection are going to be announced soon. Which not only makes me giddy but I am also crazy curious. We do know is that the collection includes five seasonal deliveries, each inspired by a specific country (Tahiti was the country for summer 2012) but I thought I might make some wild guesses/suggestions on the upcoming design patterns.

The burnt colors of Latin America would be a
nice pattern for Fall. I'm thinking carry-on bag?

What could be better than the pure whites
for the holiday season?
We will keep you posted on the new designs as they become available. But while we wait, we would love to hear from you what patterns you would like to see on upcoming releases. Leave us a comment. Don't be shy.




  1. I love that you guys are thinking ahead on this one. Did you purchase something from the first colelction? I really want to but I'm not sure which bag I should get. Suggestions??

  2. The travel tote is so large, I got it for my daughter dancebag since she is obsessed with It's a small world. EveryGirl tote seems like it would be a good. Hoping for an India Theme for the Fall collection.

  3. Enchanted tiki room! Or a whole magic kingdom theme with different lands. A map of the world perhaps"...
    Vintage Disney is mst desirable I think.


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