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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Don't Be A Makeup Snob - Avon Loves Disney Too

I'll try all kinds of makeup as long as I'm sure it wont give me a rash of some sort. My favorites tend to be on the pricier side but I have ordered from Avon in the past with some mixed reviews. My 8 year old loves to flip through the catalog looking for "girly" things and don't you know she found some new Disney products that are super cute, and affordable. Start your Christmas shopping....NOW

Mickey rolling tote- $39.99. I won't cheat on you LeSportsac...I won't

Mickey Pendant Necklace- A steal at $5.99

Birthstone rings- $ 8.99 and so going in the stocking this year

Adorable Mickey head necklace another steal at $ 5.99

I hate paying shipping for anything, especially small items that a raven could deliver to my house. If you hate it too then use these codes for some free shipping. REPFLYER, FIRSTREP are good on any size order (a one time use code) and the code SPCART12 is good for free shipping on a $10 order.

Happy Avon Shopping!

~ Karen

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