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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jet Blue....Can you Make My Disney Dreams Come True?

I live in a little place called Worcester , Massachusetts. An hour away from Boston, it's got a little bit of everything . Parks, museums, great colleges, some notable restaurants, an airport....oh wait...scratch that airport part since what good is an airport with no airline.

Yes that's right, I live in a town with a fully functioning, abandoned airport. Last November I flew out of here with my family for a Disney vacation. I had heard horror stories about Direct Air -the previous airline-and was skeptical. The price and convenience were too good to pass up, so I booked my tickets, drove the 10 minutes to the airport and had the easiest flight ever. I praised the Worcester Airport swearing my allegiance to them and 5 months later Direct Air declared bankruptcy and the airport shut down. I did hear that Tom Hanks was up there shooting a movie though. That was sarcasm if you couldn't tell.

Every Disney vacation was planned in my mind out of Worcester, even though Jet Blue is my preferred airline. So imagine my excitement overload when  I read this week that Jet Blue CEO Dave Barger was coming to visit the ghost town for the second time this week!! Word on the street is that the deal revolves around the installation of a category 3 landing system at the airport.  Basically that means jazzing the airport up to Jet Blue standards and giving it the capability for planes to land in all types of weather. If it snowed up there in February and you had Direct Air tickets, you crossed your fingers and said a silent prayer.

This is news that , for a small town Disney freak like me, gives me butterflies of excitement. Imagine my fave airline ten minutes away, offering all the ease and convenience that Logan doesn't give me? I can also tell you I am not alone in feeling this. The people almost rioted around here when Direct Air said adios, so Jet Blue, if you are reading this ( please read this ) Worcester LOVES you. With service to Orlando you are guaranteed full planes every time. Everyone loves Mickey just as much as they love you.  Please help us make our airport more than a set from the Walking Dead.

Take us to Big Thunder Mountain Jet Blue!!!!!!!!!!

~ Karen

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