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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Auf Wiedersehen German Blocks...You Will Be Missed

Are we the only two who thought Test Track was totally fine the way it was? I'm all for refurbs and clean ups, but there's certain things that should just be left alone. For us, it was Test Track.

Maybe it's the great memories of our rides together just the two of us or the fact that we really enjoyed listening to John Michael Higgins. While I ( Karen) have not yet ridden the new version my other half (Davina) has and a sampling of our texts resembled something like this

Davina- I just rode Test Track and it's different

Me- How different ?

Davina- TOTALLY different

Me- Are there still German blocks?

Davina- No...and it's so sad

German Blocks we will never forget you

This is our farewell to you old Test Track. We never waited 3 hours in line for you, loved the cold chamber and screamed like assholes every time that damn truck came at us with it's horn blasting. If you don't believe us, check out our previous post where we show you on video just how much fun we had.

Auf Wiedersehen Test Track. We kiss you on each cheek and hope for future girls trip where we can make new Tron like memories with you.



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