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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Best Friends Book Club Pick - Thirty Days in the Kingdom

It's been a few years now that Karen and I have been a part of this most amazing Disney fan community. A fan base both online and off, its hard to explain to non-Disney folks what its all about and why we care so much about the Disney brand. Which is why I love the new book (and our latest give-away), Thirty Days in the Kingdom. 
It's not in Oprah's book club... yet
Thirty Days in the Kingdom is author Matt Ferrell's attempt at capturing what that Disney Magic is all about-- in, you guessed it, 30 days. For the entire month of September in 2008, Matt visited Disneyland every day and became a part of the throngs of people trying to define and capture pixie dust.

Some days his quest went well; like the time the author was asked to join the Disneyland band as the "Leading Lady" (spoiler: he is not a lady, but still killed it). And some days not so much; we have all had a crap, surly Jungle Cruise guide (where is a young John Lasseter when you need him?).

Want more of this great read? Jump on the Rafflecopter below and enter for a chance to get your very own signed copy of Thirty Days in the Kingdom. Or, if its months until your next Disney trip and you need a Disney fix on your Kindle NOW, you can always buy on Amazon (Kindle, $6.15). You'll be happy you did.


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  1. The more accurate question is what wouldn't I do in a month in Disneyland. I would do anything and everything they would let me do including getting up on stage and performing (although Matt can testify that my acting skills are iffy at best...remember that high school play).


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