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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Name Is Karen And I'm Addicted To Mouse Ears

 For months I have been stalking custom Disney mouse ear sellers on Instagram for one of their auctions or flash sales to open up so I could buy a pair of custom Ariel ears I had my eye on. I'd leave my email for an invoice, only to find out I was 20th to do so . I'd bid in an auction only to be outbid in 3 seconds and watch the bidding go to over $100 . I love you Ariel ears... but not that much.

Then one day while searching, between bidding and swearing I discovered cutebowdaddyo on etsy

And Instagram... http://instagram.com/cutebowdaddyo

On a whim I emailed her to see if she could make two pairs of ears for my daughter. I say they're for my daughter but let's be honest... you know who will be wearing them as well.  And just like that she emailed back and said "sure"!  Seriously ???? That's all it took to get the ears I've been hunting for for months? Well I feverishly ordered a pair of Tinkerbell and Ariel ones and the results are below

Ah mazing...and a dinglehopper

My daughter lost it over these..the pom poms like the ones on Tinks shoes are just too much

Once these arrived in super speedy time, we ooohed and ahhed over them for hours. My daughter put a pair on and declared them the most comfortable pair of ears ever. They don't tighten too much by your ears and feel super lightweight. The quality is amazing as well, which is why when we saw these Summer time Olaf ears on Instagram, we knew we needed to have them as well. My girls love affair with Olaf is strong...

I mean just look  at him and his beach chair...

The sellers name is Leah and from start to finish she has been a gem. She also sells bows so I kept adding to my order and she very patiently kept my invoice going so everything shipped for a low price. She even sent a bonus bow for my daughter which she wears almost every day... so no picture to show you. We at Best Friends like to share the love when we find something great and handmade so how does a giveaway sound? Its easy! Just use rafflecopter below to let us know you follow us, tweet about our giveaway and you're entered! The prize will be this gorgeous Elsa bow from cutebowdaddyo that I had to hide from my daughter... or else it may have gone right to her hair.

Attached to an alligator clip with a shimmery blue lace its really just the cutest thing ever.
Don't let this bow go...enter now!
Enter Here!

Good luck and happy entering!

~ Karen

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