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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Disney Wedding: Part 1 - Picking a Location

Let me start by saying, I am not a princess bride. My dream wedding was always on a beach with only a handful of people attending. Bare feet, palm trees, and the most basic of dresses rounded out my fantasy ceremony. So I think it came as a surprise to just about everyone when I chose Disney as my wedding destination.

Disney? Cinderella's hometown? It just didn't add up. Well actually, it did-- in a really bizarre way. My dream wedding destination was Hawaii. It was my first choice until I really thought about what I was asking family and friends to do. Not that people would not love Hawaii-- just traveling 12 plus hours did not seem fair.

I checked other beach locations on the East Coast but I could not let Hawaii go. I fretted over the destination until one day my mom said to me, "you could always get married at Disney's Polynesian. It's like fake Hawaii." A light-bulb went off and the idea steamrolled. I had never even thought about Disney as a wedding destination and had no idea if they even allowed weddings on the Polynesian site - but it seemed too perfect and idea to let pass by.

Turns out, they not only hosted the weddings at the Polynesian, but they have a whole wedding planning department that can make almost any wedding dream come true.

You want to ride to the wedding in cinderella's coach? Check.
How about Mickey as a guest? Check.
Pictures in front of the castle? Check.

Picking a location became as easy as a phone call to the Fairy Tale Wedding 800 number.


Next Up: A Disney Wedding: Part 2  - My Best Friend the Wedding Planner (check out her most recent post for all the Disney wedding updates)


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  1. It was the most beautiful wedding that I ever went to. (I am not just saying this because I am the mother of the bride, it's the truth)


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