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Monday, April 26, 2010

Reading is Fundemental - Except on Sunday

I feel like I have taken the library for granted. I recently took a trip to the local branch with my oldest son and marveled at the fact that a system based on a free loan has worked so well for so many years. It's really one of the only places you can go without a dime in your pocket and walk out the door with the promise of returning borrowed items. Try it at Macy's-- it does not work.

So it's sad to see budget cuts impacting local libraries. Recently it was announced that the Quincy Public Library would close on Sunday due to budget cuts. There was also the report that a number of Boston Public Library branches would close (of course impacting the one closest to my house).

Quincy library to close Sundays - Quincy, MA - The Patriot Ledger

Boston library branches could close amid cuts - The Boston Globe

I know there are some hard budget decisions to be made. And frankly, books are becoming less and less relevant (more on my love of the Kindle later). But there is something charming about walking the stacks and finding that book you forgot you wanted to read.  The crinkle of the plastic protective cover. And that funny smell that library books all seem to have. Should the brick and mortar library someday be replaced with a digital version (download your library books to your IPad and they expire in three weeks!!!) I suppose some money could be saved. It's just not going to be... or smell... the same.



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  1. I understand your love for the library it was your first baby outing.


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