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Friday, May 7, 2010

Adventures in Shedding the Pregnancy Weight

It's been a long time since I've been to the gym, and boy did I feel it. Yesterday was my first day back to the gym after giving birth 7 weeks ago. Getting back into the groove is no easy task and I can see why women keep about 10 pounds of pregnancy weight after each child.

Forty-four pounds (yes... 44) of pregnancy weight and one baby later it's time. I can't help but think, "why did I have an entire bag of M&Ms each week" and "maybe if I just had a salad instead of pizza I wouldn't have gained that much weight." But I know that's not true.  I get pregnant, I gain weight. It's how my body manages the change.

The question is, where do I start. How do I get rid of the pounds that so easily settled on to the fatty parts of my body? Hello new hips.

If you type in "pregnancy weight loss" into Amazon book search you get over 70 results. No disrespect to these books, but I believe the process to be a simple one. Eat less, workout more. Don't get me wrong, simple does not mean easy-- I just think there are plenty of people looking for an easy fix. It does not exist. It's calories in... calories out. And hopefully the rest falls into place.

I swear by Weight Watchers, but I am sure there are plenty of other diets that can do the trick. I have been attending a Weight Watchers meeting for the past 4 weeks. Since starting the program I am down 8 pounds. I would like it to be more... but it's a start.

In the interest of total transparency I am currently 192. Even typing that number makes me want to give up and eat an entire pizza, but I have been looking longingly at my old clothes and my yoga pants have threatened to move out if I don't give them a day off. I stupidly tried to put on a larger pair of pre-preggers jeans today only to feel like a stuffed sausage.

I did not try to zip them.

So this needs to happen. The question is, will it?

Do our bodies just decide one day to hold onto the weight until we resolve to accept the new us? Pass me another cheese slice please.

The number on the scale certainly does not define me, but it definitely has a choke hold on me. However, it's easy to beat myself up. Everytime I look at a gossip rag I see another celeb who dropped the pounds in a few days. Damn you Heidi Klum and your super human fat cells.

But I'm me and not Heidi Klum, so I keep on my slow and steady path. *sigh* All I know is a cheese pizza would taste mighty good right now.



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