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Friday, May 7, 2010

"Who is that ho-bag?"

This morning I had the volume down low on the Today Show. They showed a piece of a video with a girl in a scantily clad outfit with teased hair and harsh makeup.

"Who is that ho-bag?" I asked my husband.
"Miley Cyrus" He responded.
"Really? I guess she is all grown up."

I don't really care if Miley wears a thong and tasseled pasties to go to the mall. But there seems to be a trend of Disney tweens going to the extreme when they make the leap to adulthood. Maybe it is due to the fact that they are so sugar coated as young girls when they get into young adulthood they instantly rebel.  Or maybe they think this is how to take their careers to the next level. It's the curse of the Disney tween... next stop, stripper pole.

Case in point:
1. Miley: ditch the hair extensions, black eye kohl, dominatrix vibe. It's overdone.

2. Lindsay: So sad. She had such a great start with Mean Girls. Now she just looks like she needs to sleep for a week.

3. Britney: The mother of all train wrecks and bad hair extensions. She set the gold standard for Disney tween downfalls

4. Christina (aka X-tina): This is a gal with some talent, so I think it's kind of a shame that she also went the trampy route. I get it. It's expressing sexuality-- but it distracts from her talent and lumps her in with the above mentioned ladies.

So what would I have these girls do? Would I ban them from wearing only their bras in public... no.  It just seems that they don't know how else say "I am an adult!!! I've grown up!!!".

Ironically, in their quest for self expression and to break from the Disney mold, they have all blended together.


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