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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Ford Flex. Not Your Grandparents Wagon

Memorial Day weekend makes me think of roadtrips, which makes me think of cars, which makes me think of how much my car sucks. I own a Jeep Cherokee. It's fine except for the fact that my husband, myself, and our two children do not all fit-- maybe one at a time, but not all together. We are not circus giants, but we are tall and if we ever want to take a road trip as a family again, we need to start planning.

My husband wants me to consider the Ford Flex. It's not a minivan (thank god) but there is something irritating about the exterior design. The rear end has a large, clunky look and the last thing any lady wants is a big back end.

In my research today, I did learn today that the Flex has a fridge built into the rear console... seriously, a fridge. You can set it on chill or freeze. Sushi anyone?

It's not a monster fridge, but it will make you queen (or king) of the tailgate.

The flex also has a pretty cool Sony sound system. Hook up your Ipod and you can use the console to control the device. Don't have an Ipod? Use a jump drive to upload your songs directly to the car. Most likely the files would need to be MP3 for this to work (god forbid these companies work together) but it's still a cool extra.

CNet gave the car decent marks (see video). I am having a hard time resolving that it is anything more than just a pimped-out wagon but I suppose the real test is to take it on a trial run.... now if we could only fit in our current car to get to the dealer.



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