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Friday, May 28, 2010

Remember When Books Were Made of Paper?

There was a day-- not that long ago-- when books were made from trees and phones were only used to call other people. I can imagine telling my grandchildren, "I remember when we carried books to school and talked to each other on the phone." And my grandchildren will look at me and say, "grandma, you are so old!" and proceed to teleport to the virtual mall (or something like that).

We are at the precipice of a book revolution and I am so curious how this is all going to play out.

Want to read a paper-free book? We've got the IPad, the Kindle, the Nook, The Sony Reader.... and now the IPhone for kids.

Hold up? The Iphone isn't a book for kids.

Oh, but it is... in Japan.

There is a new super-cool Iphone device where you insert your phone in a book-like sleeve and the Iphone is transformed into a Children's book called "Popo and Momo Ride! Ride!" (I kid you not).

All very cool except the price point is a steep $30 on Japan's Amazon. Unless Popo and Momo plan on lasting long enough to entertain my children for an entire plane ride to Florida, I think this is more for the cool factor than anything else.

Aside of the high price point, the technology is impressive and I anticipate this is only the beginning. Soon we will catch up and start seeing this product hit the US shores. And because I enjoy their names so much,  perhaps Popo and Momo will make an appearance as well.



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