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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meet Me on the Lido Deck Mickey?

Dream on people. That's what I am going to be doing on March 17, 2011 when I set sail on a three day cruise on the new Disney cruise line, The Dream.

I never thought I would be a cruising kind of person. I like my trips spontaneous and a bit off the beaten path. But the thoughts of a midnight chocolate desert bar, a cabana on the white sand beaches of Disneys very own island and free french fries at any time of day is enough to make me change my tune.

The last time I was on a Disney cruise ship it was for my honeymoon. This time I will have my children with me... well, one of them. We are leaving the youngest behind so we can make the most of all the activities a three year old can take advantage of.

Are you kidding me....

My mother in law just purchased additional points with Disney Vacation Club for the Animal Kingdom Lodge. With that upgrade comes a free fab three day trip on the new Disney boat. I couldn't wait and booked my trip today.

Now I am counting the days... all 302 of them.

Some things to note about this cruise...
  • Because I am a returning Disney cruiser I have to wait 90 days prior to departure before I can book any of the extras (shore excursions, massages, etc). First time cruise folks book 60 days prior.
  • I also found out that transportation to and from the cruise ship is not included in the vacation club deal. It's $70 for the round trip transportation.
  • There are a number of sail dates to pick from. If you pay for the points in full there are specific dates you can pick from. Not sure why this is a benefit, but they have it highlighted in the contract.
  • The more points you buy the longer your cruise can be. You cannot upgrade your cruise to a longer trip by combining your vacation club points.
  • And finally, if you finance the points, you need to make a certain number of payments before being able to book the cruise.

Shuffleboard anyone? More to come as the trip gets closer.

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