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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


During my last Disney trip ( shocking that I was there..I know ) I discovered a new shampoo that I need to share with you. If you know me then you know that anything coconut I am all about. I'll eat it, smell it, drink it, scent my car with it , decorate with it...you get the point.
My aunt who was along on the trip and needed some time away from the parks did some shopping at the Grand Floridian and discovered White Basin. She returned with a shampoo bar for my mother. When I walked back into our hotel room from my day the scent of coconut quickly hit me and I stopped in my tracks.
* sniff sniff* "What's that smell" I asked my mom. " Oh it's a new shampoo Ann Marie got me today. You can use it if you'd like" my generous mama replied. Enough said..the bar was mine and I was in coconut heaven.
It really is a round shampoo bar that you use to lather up directly on your head. No bottle, no squeezing. Between uses let it stay dry and it will last a while. My aunt claimed no conditioner was needed for her hair when using it but I still did.
I recomend trying it out. I loved it and how it made my hair feel, look and of course, smell. There's a variety of scents to choose from that will suit all hair types. I'm not even sure the coconut was best suited for my hair as I don't color it, but I still loved it. Plus with natural ingredients and no extra preservatives that other shampoos use for shelf life you cant go wrong!

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