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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Take a dip with me.

My favorite new clothes I've purchased lately have all been dip dye. No...I did not say tye dye, A hippie I am not. Dip dye is entirely different.
Take for example my favorite Graham and Spencer dress which "technically" is not mine...it's borrowed..from my well off cousin. Irregardless of the rightful owner (it's mine now ) it's a stunner

Random skinny model wearing it above. She needs a sandwich with it.

Me rocking the dress with D and our P Diddy lookalike waiter in the Bahamas.
Mamas got more meat than the toothpick model but not too bad right?

My new Favorite dip dye sweater comes from Banana (way overpriced )Republic .

It's called the Boho and I think it looks way better on than it does in this picture, which is a rare thing. It's lightweight, great with a white tank and I paired it with some white shorts. I have'nt worn it yet so no pics of a "real" woman wearing it but just trust me, it's dreamy. Pink is my favorite color but this sweater from Banana and the Graham and Spencer dress both came in blue as well.
Anyone else love this look like me?

~ Karen

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