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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Ford Flex. Not Your Grandparents Wagon: Update

So we did it, we took the Ford Flex for a test drive. And the verdict?

I like it.

Some highlights:
  • It's a giant car. I mean looooong. Like old man, panel-side, Chevy Chase Vacation long.
  • All the seats fold down. So if you ever needed to sleep in it, you would be all set.
  • I heart the fridge option. The dealer thought I was crazy. Not all of them come with it so I made a point to call out I would not accept one without it. I will never be without a cold Diet Pepsi again.
  • The Microsoft Sync system is bad ass. Voice command: "call Brian" or "play Beastie Boys" or "climate 72".  Yes, you can control the temp in the car by just asking nice.
  • It's not a minivan
And those are just a few of the cool features. We took it out for a drive. Seemed like a nice ride. It's somewhere between a SUV and a wagon. You don't sit as high as a SUV, but it doesn't feel sedan low.

We're still on the hunt so it's not a done deal yet. Anyone have any suggestions for a family friendly car that can fit giants and doesn't rhyme with skinnytan? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


Update to: The Ford Flex. Not Your Grandparents Wagon

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