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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tan like Snookie...without the bitch slapping side effects

Honestly I don't really want you all to get as tan as Snookie- excessively brown, sassy Jersey Shore girl for all of those who dont watch- but I do have to admit a tan person just looks better than a ghostly one. Me...I tend to be ghostly. I don't go to the tanning beds and when I do go outside I lather on the SPF. By July my freckles merge into a semi tan and I've gotten a baby glow about me. Olive skinned I am not, but I wish I were.

Self tanners are good but I am still on the hunt for the perfect one. Recently while reading Allure though I stumbled upon an article about the top sunless tanners by city and went straight for the Boston one. Indeed they did have a top for Boston and it's called Envy Mobile Tan by Kelly Conway. I called Kelly to get some info and found out the best thing ever...she comes to your house and spray tans you there and ( it gets even better here) she does spray tanning parties. Oooooohh! You supply the appetizers and cocktails, Kelly supplies the tan.

She comes equipped with a pop up tent that fully encloses you during your tan. While the other party guests are waiting is when the cocktails and food comes in. Fabulous right? The cost for each girl is only $25 dollars which is a steal for city prices, especially for a good and reputable place.

Now my big problem is that I am outside her travel area. Southie and Dorchester however are not for my girls who live there and would love to host....you know who you are. Before you say no, the hostess of the party gets a free tan .

~ Karen



  1. yes yes and yes. I will host a tanning party. So long as I don't look like the orange oprah

  2. Pick the date! Im ready for the St tropez look

  3. $25 is a steal for a spray tan! I am in!


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