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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who wears short shorts?...the answer is not me

I'm not quite sure what the majority of sane women are thinking lately but the new summer trend of super short shorts is so not working for me. The trend appears to be "hey, my shorts are so short you can see my ass cheeks". I don't like to look at my own cheeks forget someone elses. Unless you are a size 2 , underfed waif, the shorts just arent going to work for you. So I suppose for the majority of Hollywood the look is ok.

Now add to the ever diminishing shorts glitter...yeah thats right GLITTER.. and you've got Richard Simmons dream come true. I'll stick to my Bermudas thank you.
~ Karen

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  1. SERIOUSLY. I just saw a gaggle of girls with jean shorts that made me want to throw a blanket over them. I guess we are officially old.


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