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Friday, August 20, 2010

Miami - A Mini City Review From a Conference Room Window

Recently I have been letting Karen do all the blog heavy lifting. Back from maternity leave and it's just been non-stop-- but nothing fun to blog about.

Until last week.

Last week I was in Miami for work. South Beach to be more accurate. Normally I show up at a fun location ready to check out all the spots, shops, and beaches. Sadly I was inside a conference room for the majority of the week in my business casual attire. The let us out at night-- but I truly just followed the herd and had no idea where I was at until after the fact.

Here is my review of Miami from a "I should have paid attention" perspective:


Loews South Beach

Who doesn't love a nice hotel? This was a good one-- nice pool (not that I went in it), nice rooms, gorgeous views of the ocean.

Two things I should have paid more attention to:

1. The presidential suite. My company always gets a kick-ass suite as a part of the conference package for staff to meet up and re-group. This years suite was beyond words. However, after my initial "wow" wore off I forgot about being impressed. I will probably never be in a room quite so nice ever again (*note* the dog in the photo was not a part of the suite but that is about where I sat on the couch each night).

2. Emeril's Miami Beach Restaurant. Located in the Loews lobby and extra yum! Or at least that's what I think I would say had I eaten there. Turns out, my expense report could have handled it. Because it's the "off season" for Miami, some restaurants are participating in a three course dinner tasting for $35 - (see Miami Spice info).

Note to self-- next time look for the bargains. Even Miami has them.


1. The Clevlander. I was told numerous times during the course of the week that the Kardashian sisters own a boutique (Dash) in Miami. There was a Kardashian spotting contest. Do I care really? No. But I was surprised to find that the store they own happens to be in the Clevlander-- the same place we were at Tuesday night. Instead of sucking down my 8th moito, I could have been shopping for jeggings and gladiator sandals. It's a shame I missed that.

2. Plunge. Plunge is a roof deck pool for the beautiful people in the Gansevoort Hotel.  If you want to feel bad about yourself, go here. If you want to see an amazing view of the ocean, go here. If you want to have some tasty drinks and listen to some DJ's, go here early. The velvet rope goes up early and the bouncers at the elevator make you feel you should not even try it-- but trust me, if you have the money in your pocket, they will let you in.

Fun Plunge fact: Kayne West had a private party here not so long ago and Samatha Ronson has been known to DJ here. Neither were in attendance the night I showed up.

3. STK. Also in the Gansevoort this Steak House is dark, dark, dark. They had to hold a flashlight for me to see the food (not kidding). Don't eat steak? Don't worry, they have plenty of other options. I loved the ahi tuna with watermelon and cucumber. The goat cheese salad was a hit. And my meat peeps raved about the kobe sliders. Expensive, but fun. They also have some pool tables upstairs if you are so inclined.


Remember when Versace was shot?

I had no clue how accessible his house was. Walk down South Beach a few blocks from the Loews and ta da... the infamous steps where he was gunned down. You can stand on them. Get your photo taken. It's creepy, but oddly interesting.


Most days are sunny and the beach beckons. Sadly, I did not get to go in. Had I the chance to lounge on the beach I would have done the following:
  • Rent a beach chair and umbrella. I think it's about $45 for the day-- but wait, they come and mist you from time to time. They also will bring you drinks (for a price) and towels and food (for a price).
  • Taken a long early morning walk on the boardwalk. They have a great walk that goes for what seems like miles between the hotels and the beach. Some creepy peeps lurk so keep an eye out-- but overall it seems pretty safe and the hotels are always on the look-out

Miami fashion is not Boston fashion. The theme seems to be "tighter and shorter are better".  Tight and short makes me shudder but there were a couple things I liked:

Fedora hats - co cute on men and women. Seems like every woman in the Miami airport had one on. I bought one and wore it home. I took it off immediately upon arrival in Boston since it seems to not translate in the northeast.

Gladiator Sandals: EVERYONE had these. Flip flop, who? I enjoyed them... on other people. I think I just need to find the right pair. Maybe next summer I will make this look work.


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