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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The eleven year blues

This coming up weekend is my eleven year wedding anniversary. Now now, I don't expect any congratulations or cards in the mail because quite honestly, the eleven year marker feels like a bit of a let down.

In previous years there was a marker for every year passed all leading up to the big 10 year extravaganza. Year one was a romantic getaway and leftover , frozen cake -not that yummy. Five was a fancy pants dinner that made my husband uncomfortable, with a diamond anniversary band . Last years 10 year blowout was a trip to the Bahamas, which I will never forget. No kids, just us and some great friends and copious amounts of rum and sun . What do I have coming up this year? Dinner on a Friday night because I could'nt get a babysitter for Saturday. What this translates too is a tired husband from working all day who is going to want to come home right after dinner and probably watch a DVR'd show.

No Bahamas, no diamonds, no rum drinks, no nuthin!

Yes I do realize that every succesful year of a marriage is reason to celebrate and I should just keep my mouth shut and be happy with what I've got. I am happy with what I've got , but I'm a celebrater and a party gal by nature and above all else I LOVE to plan things. I guess at this point I'll suck it up, eat my Friday dinner with a few cocktails and immedietly afterwards start planning my 20 year anniversary celebration.

I see Hawaii in my future...9 years away future.

~ Karen


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