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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Price of Beauty - Or at Least Straight Hair

When it comes to hair, the grass is always greener. If you are curly you want straight. If you are brown you want blonde. If you are a red head with enormous amounts of hair (e.g. me) you want a weed wacker.

For the second time in a row my hair salon has suggestion a keratin hair treatment. This is where they sit you in a chair for hours and lather your hair with chemicals to make it relax. A reverse perm if you will. At first I thought it sounded interesting. If someone could help me combat humidity hair, I am all for it. In my head I thought a $300 price point sounded reasonable. Nope... more like $700. And it lasts for 4 months.

I don't always have the best relationship with my hair, but even I know $700 for a 4 month process that may not have much impact on my time with the blowdryer is absurd.

And after doing a bit of google research and finding the infomercial that explains the process, I think I am all set.


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