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Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer you are a fat, gin loving girl

Well I have just returned home from a week at the beach. My hair is a bit lighter, my skin a bit frecklier and my shorts a bit tighter. Does everyone gain 5 pounds over the course of a week? If your diet consists of ice cream, chips and gin and tonics then I can answer for you and say yes. What is it about a week with no commitments besides putting your feet in the sand and a drink in your hand that turns a semi healthy gal into an alcoholic slob ?

At least when I go places like Disney World I can justify a Mickey ice cream bar by saying that all the walking I'm doing will help. I can't afford to drink like a fish at Disney so therefore, liquor consumption does'nt really count. At the beach it flows in and out like the tides and when you run out, there's always a chore boy to send out to the liquor store. This is my downfall...well this plus almond joy ice cream.

So this morning I am back to reality doing laundry, eating egg whites and looking hesitantly at my gym clothes. I'm sure the second I walk in to Planet Fatass..I mean Fitness, they will all notice the extra around the middle that I have accumulated and be sure to whisper how I was only gone a week. To this I say a week at the beach with my family is like a month to the average person. I have the liquor store receipts to prove it.

~ Karen

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