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Friday, October 15, 2010

A ride on the Disney bus turns into a cat fight gone wrong...don't think I won't strangle you

This lunatic started stangling a Disney bus driver while his baby was next to him because the bus was full.

If you've ever been to Disney then you know that the end of the night buses are always packed and the ride home can take a while. El lunatic started saying he should have priority because he had a baby.Hey jackass..95% of people getting on these buses have tired ,cranky kids who want to get to their hotel.

Stay out of my Disney D bag



  1. Um, this is horrifying. What ended up happening? Did that D-bag get away with it?

  2. This reminds me of the fight I got in on the magic kingdom train. Don't mess with an 8 month pregnant woman-- especially one who was as tired as me.

    crazy lady: "someone took their nasty pills today."
    me: "you're a fucking asshole"

    I am not proud of this moment, but it seems people think they all deserve the front of the line at Disney.

  3. i was there on the 11th and missed my hotel shuttle bus waiting an hour for a bus to arrive to go to epcot from animal kingdom.for a first timer who didn't know what to expect with the bus system i was extremely frustrated with 3 kids so i understand what snapped in him if we didn't not spend all our money that day we would've been screwed on getting back to the hotel that night so you never know his situation plus the our driver wasn't very nice either, very indifferent and that alone will tick you off. when a person acts as though they don't care that their crappy job is messing you up really bad. i' sorry but in my experience 2 buses in an hour is ridiculous when disney has over 300 buses.


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