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Friday, April 22, 2011

Another pairing to make my heart flutter- Pirates inspired nailpolishes by OPI

Most know of my Captain Jack obsession and my love of all things girly and makeupy-is that a real word? Well OPI decided to collide my worlds and come up with some Pirates Of The Carribean - On Stranger Tides shades that I'm sure the Captain himself would fancy.

Skull & Glossbones
Best light gray ever, no bones about it.

Mermaid’s Tears
Few have seen this magical green.

Steady as She Rose
This gorgeous pink is your final destination.

Planks a Lot
Dive into style with this lustworthy purple!

Sparrow Me the Drama
This cool, collected pink means business!

Stranger Tides
Explore this uncharted sea of sage.

Silver Shatter
A shimmering sea of silver with a two-texture finish.

Because of the title and the pink I'm going with Sparrow Me the Drama. Savvy?

What say you? Tell us your fave.

~ Karen

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