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Friday, April 22, 2011

Epcot Trains - A 3 Year Old Obsession

My husband, 3 year-old son and I recently took a 3-day cruise on the new Disney Dream (more on that trip later). We stopped over one day before the cruise at Disney and spent a obscene amount of time watching the miniature trains at Epcot/Germany.

My 3 year old is, well, obsessed and I found a video to flame the fires a bit. Take a ride on the train mini-style. I must admit-- this view is much better than the one standing with the other train-crazy kids.

*side note* if you have train-crazy children and find yourself standing at the same spot for hours on end, there is a beer tent a few yards away. It helps. There is also a good view of Illuminations from this area if your child sets up camp for the day as ours did.


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