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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Slacker #2 - Old Fart Birthday Planning

Yes, I know it's April. And yes I realize that it's been 2011 for almost 4 months. But here I am. Back. On the blog.

Maybe it's Captain Jack's photo. Maybe it's the warm weather creeping up on us. But I think we need some new posts up in here. So here goes.

Our biggest discussions these days seem to revolve around 40th birthday celebrations. Where to go what to do... all roads keep leading back to something Disney related, but both Karen and I are in heavy planing mode. She's in July. I'm in November. Both in 2012, so we have some time.

That said, it's never to early to plan.

celebrate good times. Come on! (Not sure what letter I was trying to make.)

Ideas include:
  • cruise to Bahamas (Disney boat from NYC)
  • cruise to Bermuda
  • Paris. That's my fantasy trip (no kids)
  • cruise from FL on the Disney Dream with two stops on Castaway
  • Disney only with some fav stops at Cali Grill
  • Atlantis and Bobby Flay
Decisions. Decisions. Again, we have some time. But it will creep up and neither of us are going to pass on an opportunity to celebrate. Followed by a little bit of crying for the big 4-0. Followed by some drinking. Followed by great food and great friends.

What say you? Where's a great 40th celebration spot (besides under a rock)


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