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Monday, May 21, 2012

Deep Thoughts....With Stitch

While we plan our next girls trip to Disney we thought we'd ask for a few suggestions on some new , fun things to do. Typically we go to our girls trip guru , Stitch, for suggestions

Stitch, what you think we should drink tonight?

He typically takes some time to reflect and gather his thoughts, not wanting to disappoint with a bad idea

Stitch ponders..

After  gathering his thoughts, he advises....and all is well

You alright Stitch...you are alllllright

He is repaid with a relaxing night and we all partake and make merry, under Stitch's watchful eye

Damn girl I know what's up

Obviously Stitch suggested some fabulous Lapu Lapu's at The Polynesian this night and of course we'll be revisiting there for more on our next trip. Anyone else have some other ideas for us? Stitch won't judge you if he disagrees.

~ Karen



  1. Oh girl, you know Stitch can organize the business. But more importantly, what every happened to my Nana glasses? I miss them. Did Stitch steal them?


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