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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Disney Etsy Finds - It's Wednesday, Lets Get Crafty Ya'll

I like to blog about Disney merchandise partnerships (See: LeSportsac, Louboutin, and more). Corporate partnerships are great, but who doesn't love something Disney related both fabulous and handmade? Its time for Wednesday's Disney Etsy round-up.

Check it....

For the home: At $38.00 these retro 1971 Disney map drink coasters are sure to be a conversation piece for the coffee table. Personally, I think I would always claim Adventureland for my cocktail.
Too cute to cover with a drink

For the bride to be: I got married at Disney. Video proof is here. I did not, however, think of this for my wedding invites and I am kicking myself. Save the date fast passes are step one for the Dream Disney wedding. Cinderella coach not included. 
Do they enforce the return by time on these?

For the office: Before Twitter and Facebook people actually wrote things down. Sometimes I like to get all old school crazy and bust out a notebook (the gasps I get in meetings when I reveal a pen and paper-- wait until they see my encycolpedia and typewriter). If you must use paper, keep it hipster with a Moleskine notebook, complete with Disney princess artwork.

"Boo hoo, where's my shoe?"

Do you have a Disney craft to share? Let us know so we can showcase it here in our weekly round-up. 




  1. I'm in love with that little notebook!

  2. I know right! There are other ones too.

  3. Thank you for featuring my notebook! It's really great to see my books getting exposure! I hope you enjoy it!


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